“There is a vocal and popular contingent of men who are instantly suspicious of a woman with anything approaching power. Unless she makes a huge show of using that power only for their benefit – and sometimes even if she does – there will be people who are essentially convinced that her power must come from some form of modern witchcraft, and that whatever she’s offering, however much people seem to value it, must be eye of newt in disguise.”
“Jennifer Lawrence’s scathing reaction – angry, offended and unapologetic – is the righteous end to an evolution of celebrity nude ‘scandal’ responses. Where once female stars were expected to hang their head in shame for having the temerity to pose nude for themselves or lovers, now they can issue a barely-shrouded ‘fuck you’ to a public that so gleefully consumed their humiliation.”
— The Jennifer Lawrence naked photo response is the end of the ‘shamed starlet’, writes Jessica Valenti

Sarah Silverman got sick of what she called "the $500,000 vagina tax"… so she went to do something about it.

This is basically the logic of the College Republican National Committee’s latest ad aimed at female voters:

"Let’s make politics like shopping for wedding dresses and reality TV, because that’s the only way we can get women to care!"

"One male friend said that I couldn’t do it because my husband’s business partners would see, and one asked how my sons would feel when they grow up [they are seven and nine]. But both arguments were about the men in my life, and I thought they weren’t reason enough to stop me as an artist, a woman and a feminist."

United front: breasts without the airbrush »

Photos: Laura Dodsworth

Although 99% of American women have used birth control, most women don’t know what should be covered by health insurance.

A handy guide.

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“Don’t get too high and mighty, ladies. Don’t step out of line. Don’t do anything to upset or disappoint men who feel entitled to your time, bodies, affection or attention. Your bared body can always be used as a weapon against you. You bared body can always be used to shame and humiliate you. Your bared body is at once desired and loathed.”

What I’d love to see is this new crop of celebrity feminists strongly coming out in support of social justice issues: using their newfound (or quiet but long-standing) politics to create change influenced by that gender justice lens.

Jessica Valenti: Beyoncé leads the way for other women »

When did women get the right to inherit property and open bank accounts? How long did it take until women won the legal right to be served in UK pubs?

Our timeline traces women’s financial rights from ancient societies to the present day

Leading supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment march in Washington, 1979. Photo: Dennis Cook/AP

“Those boys took my body and they broke it. And so, when I ate, I got to make my body into what I wanted it to be, which is a fortress”

Roxane Gay, “the bad feminist”, is 39 now, and over the last 18 years she has published countless pieces of fiction and non-fiction, only to find herself described in recent months as an overnight sensation. This tickles her; she thinks of herself as a shy person, and when you praise her work, a self-conscious hand rises to cover her eyes and smile.

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