“The more women of any age who are in control of their own orgasm the better”
Fay Schopen: Why is Good Housekeeping’s ‘intimate test’ on vibrators so shocking?
“The statistics on domestic violence, for instance, or the disproportionate impact of austerity on women, or the peculiar predicament of women from ethnic minorities are not a matter for national shame and urgent attention – until a female foreigner of a certain age points them out. Then we must get busy saying well, at least we aren’t as bad as South Africa, or – and here we really clutch at the flimsiest of straws – Saudi Arabia.”
Tanya Gold: Britain may have a sexist culture – but at least it’s British sexism, eh?
“'Women Who Eat On Tubes' sticks in my throat”
— Posting photos of women feeding themselves on public transport on Facebook is shaming and voyeuristic, writes Nell Frizzell

Senate takes on gender pay gap bill

American women are paid, on average, between 64 to 90 cents for every dollar paid to men, according to a new state-by-state analysis by the National Partnership for Women and Families that comes as Congress and the White House take steps to address the gender pay gap.

Across the nation, women who work full time earn on average 77 cents for every dollar paid to men, an annual wage gap of $11,607 that is especially relevant to more than 15 million US households led by women, the study found. A third of households led by women live in poverty. Read more

Pictured: Senate majority leader Harry Reid urges passage of legislation that would establish ‘paycheck fairness’ in wages paid to women. Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty

'Get your arse out, mate': we turn the tables on everyday sexism

Leah Green goes undercover to see how unsuspecting men react when sexist situations experienced by women are inverted. 

“It’s only by turning the tables on sexual aggression that we can see how shocking it is”
— Leah Green, responding to some of the criticism following this video that reversed everyday sexism. 

Emma Watson criticises ‘dangerously unhealthy’ pressure on young women

Emma Watson has criticised the “dangerously unhealthy” image projected by the fashion industry and said the pressure to look perfect has taken its toll on her.

The actor has also described her doomed attempts to merge into the background as a student at an American university, where she found herself being trailed everywhere by British photographers. Read more

Photograph: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

“People didn’t want to acknowledge it, or talk about it. And it wasn’t just men who took this view; it was women, too, telling me I was being oversensitive, or simply looking for problems where there weren’t any.”

Two men first to be charged in UK under FGM Act

Two men are to be charged in the first UK prosecutions under the Female Genital Mutilation Act, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced.

Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena and Hasan Mohamed will be charged when they appear before magistrates at Westminister magistrates court next month. The case relates to a medical procedure performed on a patient at the Whittington hospital, in north London, in 2012. Read more

Pictured: Whittington hospital. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

Even if ‘bossy’ could be banned, there are far better ways to boost girls’ self-esteem

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Beyoncé want to ban the word ‘bossy’ as disparaging to women. It’s a good start, but there’s so much more to be done. Hadley Freeman shares her top tips.

Pictured: Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. Photograph: Andy Wong/AP