What next for Syria’s refugees? Join Guardian global development’s live panel discussion on Syria’s humanitarian crisis from 1-2.30pm GMT.

Photo: Syrian refugee children watch television at a temporary shelter, after their tents flooded from the rain, at a refugee camp, in the eastern Lebanese Town of Al-Faour near the border with Syria, Lebanon. Hussein Malla/AP

Thursday 9 August marks the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis - “the day the world changed” as former Northern Rock boss Adam Applegarth put it.

Larry Elliott, Graeme Wearden and Jill Treanor from our business team will be on hand to answer your questions about what’s next for the world’s economy and the debt crisis. Post your questions now and they’ll be online from 11.30am - 12.30pm BST to answer a selection.

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LIVE Q&A, 1-3pm BST - jobseeking and unemployment in Europe

Great set of questions from reader eutoteu kicking of our live webchat on jobs in Europe.

As part of our Europa series on jobs and unemployment, a panel of experts will be on hand to offer advice and talk about your experiences in this open discussion:

Hello! I have a BA in International Relations, an MA in International Law and currently working as a project manager in a small firm.
My situation and questions are directed first at Mrs. Nannette Ripmeester and second to your other guests: I would like to work mostly in the US or if not, in the UK of Fr.
The problems that I face are as follows:

1. Experience: as a young employee I don’t have the 3-5 year experience that is mostly required to be considered for the job. I have done internships, unpaid ones, but I cannot afford to continue down that unpaid path. How can you get experience if either nobody is hiring ooor the ones that do want you, take advantage of the economic situation and are making you work for free as an “intern”. (this is one of the most frustrating situations out of all)

2. Getting your CV to be read by a international company. As I do not have an IT or Economics diploma, my CV doesn’t seem interesting enough.

3. Visas or work permits. Employers seem not that eager to hire graduates from other countries.

Anybody else facing these problems?

So, my question is how to go about all this? :)

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule and participating :)

Leave your questions now and join in the webchat with our experts at 1pm BST.

Helena Smith, the Guardian’s Greece correspondent, will be online from 2pm BST/4pm EEST to answer your questions about the forthcoming elections in Greece. Add you questions as a comment on this thread.

Die laughing: David Shrigley’s latest show

This week will be a busy one for that specialist in death-preoccupied drollery David Shrigley. As well asunveiling a new show, entitled Brain Activity, at the Hayward Gallery on 1 February, he’ll be dropping in today for an exclusive Guardian Q&A. Join the satirist in our live webchat here and see a sneak peek at his latest show here.