"Do you want the next Google to be in the US? Or Sao Paulo or Hong Kong?"
Photograph: Nina Roberts

Apple Pay: creating a divide between Apple haves and Apple have-nots.

"Your ability to use phones to pay for goods and services should not be limited to what phone you own."

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Sites including Twitter, Reddit and Netflix, are on a “go-slow” protest today over proposals that could create fast web lanes for some companies.

Critics say such plans would break net neutrality – the principle that all traffic is treated equally online. Why is my internet slow today? 

One of the new Apple Watches put through its #hyperlapse paces.

Twitter wasn’t happy, journalists were even unhappier – here’s how people reacted when Apple’s live stream announcing their new products, including two new iPhones, didn’t work

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“Unless and until someone from the outside world stumbles or storms in and tells them different, everything is just as it should be. They are validated, their beliefs reinforced, however weird and twisted they are.

This is the real way that the internet is changing society. Where 20 years ago, those people would have struggled to find each other, now they are only a keyboard and screen away.”
— Charles Arthur: Secrets of the darknet »

What sort of data do black boxes store – and how do they survive a plane crash?

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