Some stunning shots from the environmental photographer of the year awards including this image by Florian Breuer of quiver trees by night in Namibia. Check out +environmentguardian for more.

Some of the world’s leading photographers will be giving advice and talking about their travels at the Travel Photography Live festival (5-7 October) in London. We asked some of them to share their favourite photos

Brown bear, Bavaria. Photograph: Chris Weston
Wildebeest, Zimbabwe. Photograph: Chris Weston

Morning mist around Belvedere, Val d’Orica, Tuscany, Italy. Photograph: Tom Mackie
Field of lavender at sunrise, Valensole, Provence, France. Photograph: Tom Mackie
Photographer Simon Byrne was one of the lucky few given the secret location of this site. Even getting a permit to look for the spectacular Navaho sandstone formation known as ‘the Wave’ is a lottery. And then you have to find your own route through the Arizona desert
Photograph: Simon Byrne/Rex Features