Reading the Riots study to examine causes and effects of August unrest

The causes and consequences of the English riots last month, the most serious bout of civil unrest in a generation, will be examined in a study by the Guardian and the School of Economics.

QOTD: Russell Brand

However unacceptable the UK riots, we need to ask why they are happening, writes Russell Brand.

As we sweep away the mistakes made in the selfish, nocturnal darkness we must ensure that, amidst the broken glass and sadness, we don’t sweep away the youth lost amongst the shards in the shadows cast by the new dawn.

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Video of the day: ‘The three who died, died nobly. Don’t riot in their name’

By John Domokos and Mustafa Khalili

At an emotional vigil for the three men killed during riots in Birmingham, Sikhs and Muslims debate the best response to tensions in the city.

Haroon Jahan, 21, and brothers Shahzad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31 were part of a group of around 80 people guarding a petrol station and shops from looters in Winson Green when they were the victims of a hit-and-run early on Wednesday.

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QOTD: Behind the London riots

Behind a low gate inside the Pembury complex, around eight 20-something men were sitting in a huddle in a children’s play area around 3pm, some sitting on a low wall, one or two perched on swings or rocking toys, talking earnestly and quietly among themselves. Most had their hoods up, one was wearing a scarf wrapped around his head, concealing his face. They stopped talking abruptly, and two got up immediately to leave, when approached by the Guardian. “Nah,” said one, barely glancing up. “We don’t want to talk.”

From London riots: ‘A generation who don’t respect their parents or police’

Woman jumps from burning building during third day of London riots

Photograph: WENN


A woman jumps from a burning building in Croydon as violence spreads across the capital. Rioters set fire to buildings and vehicles, and police battled to control the streets. More images from London and around the UK in our gallery on