Picture of the Day: Anaheim, CA. Police Stan guard as protesters demonstrating against the July 21st shooting death of Manuel Angel Diaz by an Anaheim police officer set a garbage can alight.

Credit: Jonathan Gibby/Getty. Via.

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Our latest reports from Anaheim:

Anaheim officials scramble to contain public anger as protests escalate

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Photograph: Ted Soqui/Corbis

It’s 20 years since the race riots sparked by the police beating of Rodney King that shook Los Angeles and the US. See how the LA streets affected look now and how the news was covered with reports from our archive:

From the archive: Riots fire US race divide

The United States was tottering last night on the brink of a new racial crisis, pitting black against white in the nation’s cities, which turned Los Angeles into a war zone on Wednesday night. In Atlanta, the last resting place of Martin Luther King, students went on a copycat rampage in a shopping mall. Police reported a number of beatings and arrests. In Washington, President Bush went on television to appeal for calm, trying to contain a potentially explosive situation nationwide after the acquittal of four Los Angeles police officers accused of beating a black motorist, Rodney King.

Members of our Flickr community based in London help tell the story of how riot-affect streets have changed six months on from the riots in August 2011

Photographs of the year 2011

This is absolutely my favourite shot. I saw on TV that Reeves corner in Croydon was on fire and decided to go and have a look. There was a small crowd of people in their pyjamas, from the flats which were on fire. A Romanian man pushed through the crowd to the police, shouting that there was a woman still in the building. The next minute I saw two little feet on the window ledge of the second floor. After a few seconds she just fell. The police and crowd below didn’t really catch her, it was more like they broke her fall. She was crying and ran off really quickly Photograph: WENN/Amy Weston


200 most influential Twitter users during the riots: are you on the list?

@guardian features at number seven and our reporters @PaulLewis in second place. Are you on the list?

Round up: Reading the Riots and technology

An image of a burning bus in Tottenham was one of the first to spread rapidly via Twitter. Photograph: GA/Rex Features

We’ve posted a number of pieces on as part of our Reading the Riots study about how social networks and technology were used during the UK unrest in August. Here’s a round up of some of our coverage:

See all the reports from the Reading the Riots study here.

Reading the riots: ‘The police arrest people for no reason, they stop and check us for no reason, we thought we’d get our own back’

Research by the Guardian and London School of Economics into the summer riots has revealed that many of those involved were motivated by a hatred of the police. Here Paul Lewis presents testimony from the rioters, all of whom are speaking for the first time.