Hundreds of fast food workers across America were arrested today while protesting for fair wages. 

Here are two powerful pictures from New York City’s strikes.

Photos: Lauren Gambino for The Guardian

Hong Kong police have arrested more than 500 protesters for illegally “occupying” a street in the city’s central business district, hours after hundreds of thousands of residents gathered for the city’s biggest pro-democracy demonstration in recent history. Full story here

Photo: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

Ukraine protests: EU set to impose sanctions – live updates

• Health ministry says 25 people killed in clashes
• EU sanctions to target leaders of the crackdown
• US and UN condemn the violence
•President Yanukovych blames the opposition

Photograph: Efrem Lukatsky/AP

Protests, marches and vigils have been held throughout the US since Saturday, when George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin, was acquitted of all charges brought against him

Photos: Photograph: David Goldman/AP, Danny Johnston/AP, Kevin Downs/Demotix/Corbis

Egyptians take to streets as Morsi defies ultimatum. Tens of thousands of Egyptians demonstrate after the president, Mohamed Morsi, criticised an ultimatum by the military demanding a resolution to a deepening political crisis. Morsi said he would not step down and vowed to protect ‘constitutional legitimacy’ with his life

The streets of central Rio de Janeiro and dozens of other cities echoed with percussion grenades and swirled with teargas last night as ranks of riot police scattered the biggest demonstrations Brazil has seen for more than two decades.

Photograph: ZUMA/Rex Features

Turkish man inspires hundreds with silent vigil in Taksim Square Erdem Gunduz – dubbed ‘standing man’ – stages eight-hour vigil and is joined by 300 people during silent protest.

Photograph: Vassil Donev/EPA

German riot police watch the crowd as a protester gestures at a May Day demonstration in Berlin. From our gallery: May Day rallies and celebrations around the world - in pictures

Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

Masked policemen take cover behind shields during clashes at a May Day demonstration in Istanbul. 

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