Courtney Moore works at Walmart. She makes $230 every two weeks. Her monthly rent is $420. 

"I am on government assistance. I am on food stamps and I have to get government housing. I should not need that if I am a Walmart employee."

Demanding higher wages and better benefits, Walmart workers protested outside Alice Walton’s home resulting in 26 arrests.

Eyewitness: Ukraine, Kiev. Police block the road near the Cabinet of Ministers building

Photograph: Brendan Hoffman/Getty

Ukraine anti-government protesters try to seize energy ministry in Kiev

Demonstrators deny ministry’s claim they are holding two police captive as clashes continue in capital. Latest developments

Photographs: Sergei Grits/AP

Ukraine protesters declare eight-hour truce as talks with government continue

An eight-hour truce has been declared by protesters in Kiev after a day of violence in which at least three people died and an opposition leader said he was willing to face “a bullet in the forehead” if Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, did not launch snap elections. Read more

Photograph: Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

Kiev becomes a battle zone as Ukraine protests turn fatal

Wednesday is Ukraine’s Day of National Unity, but the country has never felt so divided.

At least three people have died in Kiev, the first casualties of a protest movement that has rumbled on for two months before bursting dramatically into violence over the weekend. Read more

Photograph: Efrem Lukatsky/AP

Members of the Ukrainian riot police are caught in the line of gasoline bombs hurled by anti-government protestors during the clashes in Kiev. More on this story.

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A protester holds up Egypt’s flag demanding President Mursi’s resignation in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Photograph: Suhaib Salem/Reuters

Egypt protests: army issues 48-hour ultimatum - live coverage

• Up to five ministers resign from Morsi’s government • Health ministry says 16 killed and hundreds wounded • Muslim Brotherhood’s offices targeted as police stand by • Defiant Morsi dismisses call for his removal.

Bilderberg: is a CCTV camera on your head the best protest costume ever? Stuart Heritage looks at the other candidates.

Photographs: Oli Scarff, Leon Neal, Steve Morgan / Greenpeace

A Bangladeshi opposition activist gestures to police as he challenges them to shoot him during a protest in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The protest was called by an alliance of 18 parties to denounce trials of several opposition politicians accused of mass killings and atrocities during Bangladesh’s 1971 independence war against Pakistan.

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