“If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.”
10 of the best Tony Benn quotes - as picked by our readers. 

Syria’s government and the opposition have agreed to consider opening humanitarian access in the run-up to a peace conference that would bring the sides together for the first time, top diplomats for Russia and the US said today. More: Today in pictures.

Photograph: Reuters

And the winner of the nobel peace prize 2012 is….

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El Salvador gangs celebrate a day without murders

Two of the largest rival gangs in El Salvador have recently called a truce, leading to its first murder-free day for years. Much of the violence is blamed on Mexican drug cartels that use the country as a transit point

A Mara 18 gang member attends a press conference of his leaders at a prison in Quezaltepeque. Imprisoned gang leaders announced in a press conference on Wednesday that they have declared Salvadorian schools as peace zones Photograph: Luis Romero/AP