You are paying back every penny of your student loans WITH interest. But Occupy activists bought it for only 3 cents on the dollar. Full story »

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Eric Cantor’s first job after losing re-election is a $1.8m job with a Wall Street firm. That’s not unusual.

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Adbusters magazine and its editor Kalle Lasn have been at the forefront of the global resistance to capitalism exemplified by the Occupy movement. Their new book, Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies, uses startling images to back up its hard-hitting points. Here are a selection of some of the best. Photographs: Adbusters. Read the full interview with Kalle Lasn here.

At least 200 protesters began day of the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park – the movement’s former home base – before moving toward Wall Street. Dozens have been reported arrested as organisers and police again face off on the streets of New York a year after the movement began Photograph: Andrew Burton/Reuters


Movements that may appear to us in retrospect as a unified set of events are, in fact, irregular and scattered. Only afterwards do we see the underlying common institutional causes and movement passions that mark these events so we can name them, as the abolitionist movement, for example, or the labor movement or the civil rights movement. I think Occupy is likely to unfold in a similar way.

Francis Fox Piven on why it’s mistaken to write Occupy’s obituary this first anniversary: the lesson of history is that movements for justice are irrepressible, she claims in a comment piece for the Guardian.

Noam Chomsky on the Occupy movement

Historian and philosopher Noam Chomsky talks to Gary Younge about the significance of the Occupy movement in the US and how it will affect the upcoming presidential election in November


Occupy Wall Street, October 2011. Here are a collection of photographs of some protest signs from the early days of the Occupy movement’s rallying in lower Manhattan. Photos taken and submitted by Noran Elzarka. 

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You can view the rest of The Political Notebook’s project to gather photography, documentation and experiences from the OWS movements nationwide. I have also compiled an archive of all my posted submissions to this project on a single Pinterest board for your viewing convenience. Check out the Call for Submissions page and email your photos to me at!

Thanks to all the members of our Occupy Together Flickr group too, who have been documenting the movement over the past year. Some new shots from action days on Saturday 12 May have been added from Berlin, Montreal and Brussels.

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Photos from the last remaining Occupy camp in London - Finsbury Square

“One thing that became clear to me after the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan was evicted is that it had been built, half-consciously or consciously, to show parts of American life that are essential to our popular identity, and that we stand to lose.”
— Mark Greif asks what the Occupy London camp meant to Britons
“With a few tents and shedloads of determination, those who have huddled outside the cathedral in the freezing cold have acted as sentinels for an idea of social justice that can be found on almost every page of the Bible but which the church has too often lost sight of.”
— Former canon chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral Dr Giles Fraser on the latest Occupy eviction