Coachella fashion: is it actually the 1990s? – in pictures

Check shirts, babydoll slip dresses and chunky heels were the favoured look at Coachella – a likely sartorial indicator of the festival trends for summer 2014. Worryingly, ‘appropriation bindis’ were also a thing. All signs point to there being a wormhole to 1993 somewhere in the Indio desert. See more

Clockwise from top: Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge, Katy Perry with Blood Orange (Dev Hynes), Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi, Wiki, MC Hak and producer Sporting Life of Ratking, Sarah Hyland, Chance the Rapper. Click photos for credits. 

Classic album covers in Google Street View – in pictures

From Pink Floyd to PJ Harvey, our Street View specialist shows us the world’s cities through the lens of famous album covers. See more

Frankie Knuckles - Chicago House pioneer - dies aged 59

Knuckles died on Monday, revealed his longtime business partner, Frederick Dunson. According to the Chicago Tribune, more details would be confirmed today, with Dunson writing in an email that Knuckles “died unexpectedly this afternoon at home”.

Most famous for tracks such as 1987’s Your Love and 1991’s The Whistle Song, he was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005. In 2004, 25 August was declared Frankie Knuckles Day in Chicago with help from then-senator Barack Obama. Read more

Photograph: Wendell Teodoro/WireImage

“At first people in Chicago referred to the new music as ‘Warehouse music’, after the club where they first heard it, and then that was shortened to house music, which went on to become a universally recognised genre. Which is why they call me the Godfather of House.”

Why the world revolves around Drake

Sport, Toronto, politics, cinema, TV and even a meme of his own … Drake’s fame and influence spreads far beyond hip-hop. Read more

Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

Paloma Faith: ‘I feel comfortable being observed. I enjoy it’

Life model, magician’s assistant, lingerie shop worker… Paloma Faith says she has always chosen jobs in which she gets to be watched. On the eve of her new album’s release, Tim Lewis asks the English eccentric why she feels the need to show off. Read the interview

Photograph: Andrew Woffinden for the Observer

The magic of New Orleans: how Nola got its groove back

Friendly people, the finest food in the US, some of the world’s best music … and a post-Katrina comeback in full swing. How could you not fall in love with New Orleans? Read more

Jazz group in the Spotted Cat club, Frenchmen Street. Photograph: Alamy

Lady Gaga gives mixed message at SXSW about corporate interference

Lady Gaga has called for the music industry to put more power into the hands of artists during her keynote speech at the SXSW festival in Austin – even if her message wasn’t entirely consistent.

Gaga told the crowd: “I don’t want a person in a corporate tower to be dictating what I’m listening to. I don’t think any of us do.”

Her message against corporate interference wasn’t entirely consistent, however. The previous night she had played a visually spectacular show at SXSW that was heavily branded by Doritos chips. 

When challenged, she said: ”Whoever says these things – [they] don’t know fuck about the state of the music industry. Doritos were not telling me how to do the show or putting chains around my neck. They just said they wanted to support me”. Read more

Lorde gets her own MAC range

Secondary school. Sometime in the early 1990s. Girls using eyeliner to stencil the edge of their lips, trying to look like TLC or Aaliyah. As makeup experiments go, the teenage years are, more often than not, the time when girls find a look that induces parental eye-rolling and stick to it wholeheartedly, which is one of the things that makes Lorde’s commitment to dark purple lipstick so endearing (and gives the Guardian fashion desk flashbacks to adolescence). Read more

Photograph: Charles Howells/Toast