Indie rocker Miles Kane and his mother Pauline on their special relationship

It’s was always just the two of them at home – and they have stayed close

Photograph: Observer

Carra Sykes, 24, and her mother Marti, 60, aren’t uncommonly similar. But dressed in the same clothes while striking the same pose on the same spot, their facial similarities become more apparent. 
Sykes, who graduated last May with a degree in graphic design, had been staying with her mother, taking self-portraits between job applications, when she decided it might be interesting to include her mum in the pictures. 
Her uncle often jokes about Marti wearing her daughter’s clothes: when Sykes takes bags of castoffs destined for charity shops, Marti often rifles through them first. So for fun, Sykes decided to style her mum as herself, take her picture, and rig up a self-timer and tripod to shoot her own portrait.
The result is a series of playful, quirky photographs of a mother and daughter having a lot of fun: striking often daft poses in running shorts and bare legs in the snow, lying across the back of a sofa, and hunkered inside a toilet cubicle wearing a crash helmet.

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