Lorde gets her own MAC range

Secondary school. Sometime in the early 1990s. Girls using eyeliner to stencil the edge of their lips, trying to look like TLC or Aaliyah. As makeup experiments go, the teenage years are, more often than not, the time when girls find a look that induces parental eye-rolling and stick to it wholeheartedly, which is one of the things that makes Lorde’s commitment to dark purple lipstick so endearing (and gives the Guardian fashion desk flashbacks to adolescence). Read more

Photograph: Charles Howells/Toast

Mother’s Day British beauty gifts

Traditional British toiletry brands are struggling at the moment - not least because people don’t realise that in recent years they have greatly improved the quality of their products. Another plus is that most are made in the United Kingdom. These are things that might enhance their appeal to mothers, says Sali Hughes