Breakfast: delicious for lunch and dinner

"To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day," said the writer William Somerset Maugham, who spent a large part of his life living in France, and clearly thought the only meal Brits did well in the late 19th century was breakfast. Read more

Photograph: Murdo Macleod

Christmas dinners – in pictures

From the Ritz to a homeless shelter, from a Manchester hospital to a BA plane, Christmas dinner (or a version of it) can be found wherever you are

Photograph: Katherine Rose for the Guardian

A Christmas Carol (1843)
As the ghosts give Scrooge a tour of his past, present and future, they stop by the house of Scrooge’s clerk, Bob Cratchit. Here they find Bob’s wife, two older children and the angelic Tiny Tim, with his crutch and iron frame. Goose is served with mashed potatoes, apple sauce and “hissing hot” gravy. “There never was such a goose,” the narrator tells us, and the bird is stripped to the bone. The only bum note is struck when Bob proposes a toast to Scrooge, “the Founder of the Feast”. Meanwhile, the man himself watches outside, and even he starts to crack a little

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Bento Day 79:

Z requested this one… I hope he eats his lunch and doesn’t sling them across the room! =)

Parents in Japan have been ­turning their lunchboxes into works of art known as Kyaraben or cartoon bento. Now the trend has spread to the US where graphic designer Heather ­Sitarzewski has been making her son his own pasta Miss Piggys and grape-nosed Mickey Mouses every day. Suddenly cutting off the sandwich crusts seems like less of a chore… See a whole gallery of lunchboxes made awesome images here.

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