How much would you pay to come off as ‘dateable’? $50 for a new Tinder profile? $5,000 for romance course? $8,000 for a course on commitment?

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“I found him eating a peanut butter sandwich with spam on the top, and I knew he was the one”

The creators of I Want to Know What Love Is have received more than 400 one-line anonymous confessions about love, jealousy, sex and heartbreak

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The Pont des Arts, a bridge in Paris famous for its “love locks”, had to be closed after part of it collapsed under the weight of the locks attached to it. Read more

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Paris city officials have pledged to take action against the city’s love locks, which are attached in their thousands to the guard rails of bridges across the French capital by couples as a symbol of their love. Full story here

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Campaign calls for Paris ‘love locks’ to be banned

With Paris’s bridges groaning under the weight of an estimated 700,000 padlocks scrawled with lovers’ names, campaigners say it’s time to end the love locks ‘madness’.Read more

Valentine’s Day disasters: ‘I bought her a pager. It was the creepiest Valentine’s present in history’

It’s Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate than sharing your excruciating memories of the least romantic day of the year. Or so say, Guardian writers

Pattaya, Thailand: couples kiss during a competition for the world’s longest continuous kiss in the hope of breaking the Guinness world record, and to receive prizes totalling more than 200,000 Thai baht (£4,300) and a diamond ring

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A heart-warming story for Monday:

An aerial photograph has revealed that thousands of oak trees planted as a labour of love by a farmer as a tribute to his late wife have a heart-shaped meadow at their centre.

Winston Howes, 70, planted the oak saplings after his wife of 33 years, Janet, died suddenly 17 years ago.

Beijing, China: A Chinese couple take pictures at an interactive art installation named You and Me Photograph: Feng Li/Getty Images

Links roundup: Valentine’s Day on the Guardian

"Love is an ecosystem. You can’t neglect it, exploit it, strip-mine it, pollute it, and wonder what happened to the birds and the bees.

"It’s time to re-think love."

Jeanette Winterson writes on re-claiming love on Valentine’s Day.

But of course that’s not all we’ve got for this global celebration of all things mushy and romantic - here’s a roundup of what’s on our site so far today in honour Saint Valentine:

“Last summer I ventured into Cif belief and noticed a commenter there that had the same views as my own. She was full of confidence as she posted. Naturally, I would look out for her posts as I did with other commenters I came to respect over the following months, catching glimpses of her personality as she debated the topic at hand.”

“Today – and the day after and the day after that – remind yourself, and your partner, of all the good and extraordinary and lovable things about them.”

Some choice Valentine’s Day candy:

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