Just under a third of the male population don’t read books, says a Reading Agency survey. Here are five man-friendly page-turners they might enjoy anyway. Read more

Russian ‘kills friend in argument over whether poetry or prose is better

A former schoolteacher killed his friend after a drunken argument over which is superior, poetry or prose, investigators in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia say.

"The literary dispute soon grew into a banal conflict, on the basis of which the 53-year-old admirer of poetry killed his opponent with the help of a knife," the regional branch of the federal investigative committee said in a statement. Read more

Photograph: Ocean/Corbis

Year of the Shelfie2013 may go down in history as the year of the ‘selfie’ but we’re asking for something a little different. We want your shelfie - show us

Credit: True Colours by ID1203745/GuardianWitness

Naomi Wolf: ‘Neural wiring explained vaginal v clitoral orgasms. Not culture. Not Freud’

When the feminist writer noticed that sex had become less enjoyable, it sent her on an unexpected journey of discovery of not only her own body but of how sexist language can wreck women’s lives

“We have too many languages and cultures, indeed, the idea of an unique [European] newspaper is for now just a utopia. The web, meanwhile, makes us bump into one another; we may not read Russian but we come across Russian websites and we are made aware of others.”

Photograph: Craig Thompson

It took the graphic novelist Craig Thompson seven years to complete Habibi, his epic exploration of child slavery and sexual awakening in an imaginary Middle-Eastern kingdom. In this gallery he shows how it grew from his first ideas to the final pages.