It is 17 years since Lara Croft’s first adventure, Tomb Raider, in which time she has starred in a dozen games, two films, and an incalculable number of adolescent fantasies. Yet her life of plunder and peril begins anew this week with a full franchise reboot, starring Lara as we’ve never seen her before: inexperienced, scared and wearing trousers. Like Bond and Batman before her, she has been born again in darker, grittier detail. And, again like Bond and Batman, she sort of needed to be.

Tom Meltzer writes in g2

Photograph: Rex Features

“The inclusion of the attempted rape scene raises some difficult questions. If the scene is playable, what exactly happens should the player fail? If it is not, why show it at all? Lara is already going through a lot – shipwreck, major injury, a friend’s kidnapping, the threat of death – and adding sexual assault to the mix might just be over-egging the pudding.”
— Mary hamilton writes for Comment is free asking, ‘Does Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft really have to be a survivor of a rape attempt?’