In preparation for the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, mountain guides transformed the spectacular summit into a shining stone icon using Mammut torches. (Robert Boesch/AP Images)

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Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano began erupting in spectacular form this week. But terrifying as it may first appear, that hasn’t stopped one UK tour operator offering visitors the chance to fly over the action.

Photo: RTH Sigurdsson/Discover the World

GuardianWitness: Share your photos of the supermoon 

Above: The supermoon over Roches Point, Cork, Ireland. Photo: Dave Keeley/GuardianWitness. 

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Flooding from summer storms that brought parts of Britain to a halt over the weekend is gradually subsiding and forecasters say much of the country will enjoy dry weather on Monday and over the coming week. 

• Lightning strikes the UK - in pictures

Lightning illuminates Brighton pier, East Sussex. Photo: Max Langran/Apex

Award-winning photographer Charlie Waite documents the stunning landscapes of Libya, taken in the days leading up to the revolution that deposed the dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. See more here

Charlie’s photographs are on display at the Lyttleton Gallery until 16 August, for the exhibition Silent Exchange. 

All photo: Charlie Waite photography.

The Oldest Living Things In The World, by Rachel Sussman 

This 9,550-year-old spruce gran picea is, Rachel says, “a portrait of climate change”: as the plateau upon which it lives has warmed up, the tree has grown taller. See more photos 

National Geographic Traveler photo contest 2014 - in pictures

The 2014 National Geographic Traveler photo contest has opened, inviting photographers from around the world to submit their shots. Here are some of the first entries. See more

Photos: Nicholas Roemmelt, Sebastian Warneke, David Sausse