A Masaai woman casts her vote in the Kenyan general election in Ilbissil.


Demand for clichés is expected to reach a peak as foreign correspondents fly in to cover the election. “We anticipate a run on ‘hotly contested’ and ‘neck and neck’” said an unemployed militant.

Every reporter will be issued with an election package as they step out of the plane and are greeted by the tropical heat of Africa.

Non-government organisations are understood to have teams on standby, ready to supply quotes about rampant corruption, grinding poverty, and soaring unemployment.

Photograph: Riccardo Gangale/AP

Nairobi, Kenya: A demonstrator rolls on the ground in celebration after he and others burned mock coffins outside parliament

Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP

Half the size of a football pitch, Migingo Island on Lake Victoria is claimed by both Kenya and Uganda. The population of 131 is made up of mostly fishermen and traders.

Jesco Denzel

Photograph: Monica Mark for the Guardian

How Kenyans are using graffiti to take on politics:

It’s after 2am and Boniface Mwangi and his crew are ready for action. A portable generator roars into life, a projector balanced on a stack of cardboard boxes clicks on, and a sketch of bald-headed, big-beaked vultures in suits appears on the blank wall of a public toilet on Koinange Street in central Nairobi.

"Let’s start this thing," says Mwangi.


Photograph: ICC

Captain Meshami practises his forward defensive shot. From a gallery of pictures of the Maasai Cricket Warriors team, who helped support Aids awareness by taking part in a Mini Cricket tournament in Laikipia, Kenya

Oldest advanced stone tools found in Kenya

Photograph: Pierre-Jean Texier/CNRS

Photograph: Pierre-Jean Texier/CNRS

A rare haul of picks, flakes and hand axes recovered from ancient sediments in Kenya are the oldest remains of advanced stone tools yet discovered

Kenyan flower industry’s taxing question

Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

Export prices are half that of Europe import prices, leading some to suspect Kenya may be losing £300m-plus in tax revenue

Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, 20 years on

Photograph: T Bolstad/UNHCR

Photograph: T Bolstad/UNHCR

The world’s biggest refugee complex, set up at the start of Somalia’s civil war in 1991, now also counts Sudanese and Ethiopians among its population of more than 300,000