The west has lost the power to shape the world in its own image – as recent events, from Ukraine to Iraq, make all too clear.

Why does it still preach that every society must evolve along western lines?

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Earlier this year, artist George Butler spent several days with Syrian refugees. His portraits of the people – and the often random possessions they brought with them when they fled their homes – tell their own poignant tales. Read their stories 









‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Rugrats’ characters as imagined in their 20s by Celeste Pille.



This is awesome.


Sid and Susie especially Sid

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reblog them from her tumblr instead of reposting them and attributing credit to her personal facebook page???

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I’m reblogging it to say a couple things. I’m not crazy about someone reposting art of mine that’s already been posted here by me, but I understand they saw the Huffington Post article and wanted to make a tumblr post about it and they did credit me, but that’s the bigger issue here. Instead of linking back to my tumblr (which huffington post linked to) they linked it to my personal facebook page. I was really baffled when I started getting a ton of friend requests from people I don’t know, especially since I keep my facebook circle really small—family and close friends. Again, please don’t reblog this but if you see it on your dash and if it’s not too much of a bother, could you request the person add a link to my tumblr and delete the link to my facebook? Thanks.

Artist Celeste Pille has imagined what the characters from Nickelodeon kids cartoons Rugrats and Hey Arnold! would look like grown up. Apparently, Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett was alerted to Pille’s work by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. Both are fans of her work. See more at her Tumblr (reblogged here) and linked to here:

Postcards from Mr Bingo: hate mail that’s first class – in pictures

'I get emails every day begging me for hate mail,' says illustrator Mr Bingo, referring to the vintage postcards he embellishes with insults and sends out. ‘People order them for themselves or their loved ones: wives, girlfriends… sometimes even their mum.’ Mr Bingo had the idea when he was ‘feeling a bit naughty’ one evening. He promised an offensive missive to the first person who responded to a tweet and was swamped. Comparing the project to getting picked on by a standup, he says: ‘It’s funny to be insulted. And post is usually dull. Or bad news.’ 

• Now you can hurl abuse at Mr Bingo when he appears at an exhibition of his work at the KK Outlet, London, N1 from 7-29 June.

Photos: Mr Bingo

May the fourth be with you! Today’s the day Star Wars obsessives look forward to all year:

Cartoon: Modern Toss

Halid, who is 10, must be one of the bravest people I am ever likely to meet…

Illustration: George Butler

Scenes from Syria, illustrated by George Butler – in pictures

Next week, the much-loved comic the Dandy celebrates its 75th anniversary and will end the print version in favour of publishing online-only. Here’s the very first issue of the comic, from back in 1937, featuring the hilarious adventures of Korky the Cat.

Photograph: DC Thompson

Photograph: Reuters

From our books team:

DC Comics introduced a new Green Lantern on Wednesday - a Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan, who leaves behind street racing to join an intergalactic police force.

Simon Baz, the muscular protagonist in his early 20s with the Arabic word for courage, “al-shuja’a,” tattooed on his arm, is the latest example of superhero diversity in the comic book world. His debut comes after DC unveiled a gay Green Lantern in June and Marvel Comics presented a half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man last year.