Pets on holiday - your images. Photo: Kathleen Wills/GuardianWitness

Pets on holiday - your images. Photo: Kathleen Wills/GuardianWitness

"I fucking hate sand," he sighed, before settling in with my newspaper and falling asleep. I turned over on to my stomach and returned to the serious business of arse-browning, keeping a wary lookout for any stranger who might stroll up the beach in our direction. My exposed white, dimpled backside was not for public consumption. Unfortunately I, too, must have nodded off.

"Mr Connolly?" A British man in shorts and sunhat was standing over a wary Billy. I woke instantly and twisted round in alarm – then realised too late that although my arse was now covered, my breasts were not. "Sorry to intrude, but could I possibly have… erm…" he looked at me, though not at my face, "both your autographs?"

I wish it could be Boxing Day every day

Boxing Day had always been special for Peter Jones and his wife, Kate, and after tragedy struck he decided he needed that sense of freedom a little more often… Read on

Passengers on the roof of an overcrowded train heading from Dhaka to Jamalpur, as millions of people returned home from the capital to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday

"These are country folk, a world away from the bling and officiousness of Jamaica’s city-dwellers. Reserved and composed, they do things more slowly. The relaxed, happy demeanour Bolt shows on the track has its roots here."

Links roundup: Valentine’s Day on the Guardian

"Love is an ecosystem. You can’t neglect it, exploit it, strip-mine it, pollute it, and wonder what happened to the birds and the bees.

"It’s time to re-think love."

Jeanette Winterson writes on re-claiming love on Valentine’s Day.

But of course that’s not all we’ve got for this global celebration of all things mushy and romantic - here’s a roundup of what’s on our site so far today in honour Saint Valentine:

“Last summer I ventured into Cif belief and noticed a commenter there that had the same views as my own. She was full of confidence as she posted. Naturally, I would look out for her posts as I did with other commenters I came to respect over the following months, catching glimpses of her personality as she debated the topic at hand.”

“Today – and the day after and the day after that – remind yourself, and your partner, of all the good and extraordinary and lovable things about them.”

Some choice Valentine’s Day candy:

(and if you don’t want to see all this romantic stuff - just turn off the button:

Bad Santa

We asked for your best pictures of bad Santas with miserable kids – and, well, some of your pictures were a sight to behold. See the rest here. Keep them coming! Send submissions to