Radiohead’s top 5 independent venues

Colin Greenwood – ambassador for Independent Venue Week – takes us on a tour of the band’s early gigs, from the grubby location of the Creep video to a rat-infested straight-edge bar. Read more

Photograph: Bob Berg/Getty Images

Britain entering first world war was ‘biggest error in modern history’

Historian Niall Ferguson says Britain could have lived with German victory and should have stayed out of war. Read more

“Jonathan Taylor Thomas just totally kissed Lana in the middle of school. It’s nowhere near that easy to just flat out kiss a girl! Ahhhh! Damn him.”

Blogging turns 20: look back and cringe with us

from John’s LiveJournal, 19 November 2002.

“i take the gin out of my hello kitty messenger bag, and take a swig, while sitting on the bench. i chase it with a cigarette. alexandra takes a picture of this with her palm pilot. i get a glare the group of preppy girls standing nearby.”

Blogging turns 20: look back and cringe with us

from Dave’s LiveJournal, 1 October 2004. 

Fifth of Neanderthals’ genetic code lives on in modern humans

The last of the Neanderthals may have died out tens of thousands of years ago, but large stretches of their genetic code live on in people today.

Though many of us can claim only a handful of Neanderthal genes, when added together, the human population carries more than a fifth of the archaic human’s DNA, researchers found. Read more

Photograph: Jose A Astor/Alamy

“Before Twitter, Whisper and Snapchat there was the Blog – the platform that made it possible for non-techies to publish on the internet. This year, the Blog turns 20. To mark the anniversary of the medium, we asked three blogging pioneers to look back and share their thoughts on new platforms like Snapchat and Twitter.”

Beatlemania hits America, 1964 - in pictures

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited for a rendition of Hey Jude in LA this week, as the former Beatles commemorated 50 years since the group first appeared on American television. To celebrate the landmark event, here’s the Fab Four and their frenzied US fans in pictures 

Photographs (click for captions): Popperfoto/Getty Images (top); Harry Benson/Getty Images (bottom).

Photo highlights of the day 

A Holocaust survivor walks inside Auschwitz before a ceremony to mark the 69th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp and to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Photograph: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

Syria’s heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

The war in Syria has claimed more than 130,000 lives and, as these images reveal, it is also laying waste to its historic buildings and Unesco-listed sites. Read more

Pictured: The Old Souk, Aleppo. Above in 2007 and below in 2013. Photograph: Corbis, Eyevine

Himmler’s letters and diaries discovered in Israel

Lost letters, photographs and diaries by Heinrich Himmler have been discovered in Israel, shedding new light on one of the men most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

The stash of documents from the Nazi era is currently held in a bank vault in Tel Aviv, but has been authenticated by the German federal archive, considered the world’s leading authority on material from the period. Read more