Health workers are battling misinformation and mistrust in parts of west Africa in an effort to contain the latest outbreak of ebola, the world’s deadliest virus.

The death toll has climbed to 467 and the outbreak is said to be “out of control”. One of the biggest challenges is addressing fear and ignorance. Read the special report 

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Kim and Chris Clark had tried almost every medical option available for their 10-year old son Caden, who has severe epilepsy. Then they discovered medical marijuana.

» The families using medical marijuana to help their kids

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The world’s most widely used insecticides have contaminated the environment across the planet so pervasively that global food production is at risk. Full story here

Scientists to research ‘surgery in the womb’

New research aims to create a minuscule device that would provide 3D images of a foetus while it is still in the womb which will also act as an automated robot hand. This could carry out delicate surgery or deliver stem cells to an unborn child’s damaged organs. Read more

“If you’re mentally ill in America, you are shit outta luck”
— We received an incredible response to our investigation into mental health. Today we’re publishing five stories about what it means to be a caregiver - read them here

My week on Soylent: ‘I was irritable, grumpy and a general pain in the arse’. Soylent’s creator claims that the powder can replace food. But what is it like to live on it for a week? Adam Gabbatt found out - video

North Korean scientists have developed a new sports drink made from mushrooms to enhance athletic prowess, according to state media. Full story

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un tours a mushroom factory. Photo: Rodong Shinmun/EPA

Last year, an anonymous stranger submitted to comedian Chris Gethard’s Tumblr, saying they were suicidal. 

Gethard responded immediately with more than 6,700 words in which he detailed some of his own darkest moments. He told the Guardian:

"It just shows how behind-closed-doors so much of this stuff is, and how people are more comfortable reaching out anonymously to a largely unsuccessful comedian, rather than talking to their own parents or friends or doctors. It was really kind of sad when I realized that.” 

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“When he was 22, Chris Gethard thought every day about killing himself. He thought about it so often that eventually it didn’t even feel weird any more. Then, one day, he pulled his car over to the side of a bridge. He was ready to jump.”
— Too many mentally ill patients don’t have access to a therapist – and too many obstacles, not least a chaotic insurance system, are preventing people getting the help they need. Read more