London marathon: the perfect pre-race breakfast – recipe

Filling, satisfying, nourishing, sustaining. This is a fail-safe pre-marathon breakfast, using low-GI oats, which gradually release their energy to keep your blood sugar levels nice and steady. Get the recipe

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Migrants face ‘living hell’ in Greek detention

Migrants and asylum-seekers detained in Greece are being forced to endure deplorable conditions, often with devastating effects on their health, according to a report from aid agency Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Doctors who have attended internment camps, police stations and coastguard facilities around the country described “a living hell” for thousands of immigrants denied fresh air, natural light and basic sanitation.

In one detention camp in Komotini, not far from the Turkish border, doctors saw human excrement seeping through cracked pipes between the building’s floors. Full report

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Deaf 40-year-old woman hears sound for first time - video

Amateur footage shows the moment Joanne Milne, who has been deaf since birth and is now 40 years old, hears for the first time.

Joanne has a rare medical condition called Usher syndrome, and as a result also began to lose her vision in her 20s. She was fitted with cochlear implants at a hospital in Birmingham in February, and is visibly overcome with emotion when hearing a nurse read the days of the week. Watch

All by myself: is loneliness bad for you?

As a writer, my deepest intimacies are shared with the blank page on my computer screen. I confide in it things I keep from my own family. In a way, you are my closest friend.

– Will Storr. Read more

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Bionic ears: let’s hear it for cochlear implants

Oliver Campbell is a picture of childhood contentment. At just under two years old he is experimenting with words and is happily peppering his creative endeavours with them. But inside Oliver’s head something extraordinary is happening. Currents from tiny electrodes, curled inside the snail-shaped cochlea of his inner ear, are stimulating his auditory nerve, allowing him to hear. Take them away and Oliver’s world would be thrown into confusion. Read more

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The Fukushima children who have to play indoors – in pictures

11 March marks the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The nearby city of Koriyama recommended, shortly after the disaster, that children up to the age of two should not spend more than 15 minutes outside each day. See more

Pictured: Two-year-old Nao Watanabe plays in a ball pit at an indoor playground built for children and parents who avoid playing outside because of concerns about nuclear radiation. Photograph: Toru Hanai/R

Generation jitters: are we addicted to caffeine?

Whether it’s in coffee, Coke or energy drinks, caffeine is the drug many of us can’t live without – but do you have any idea how much is in your daily hit? Read more

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On the NHS frontline: ‘being a doctor in A&E is like being a medic in a war zone’

A doctor explains why she decided to make a film depicting the real-life drama of targets and staff pushed to the limit. Read more

Why I’m so bored with superfoods

The dreary cult of superfoods makes too many foolish promises. And it ruins a good lunch, says Jay Rayner