Bentley, the one-year old King Charles Spaniel belonging to Nina Pham, the first US nurse to contract Ebola, has captured the collective heart of the internet. 

Meanwhile, nurses across the nation worry about their health and safety. Their options? Complaining, sick days or walking out. 

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How can we stop the Ebola outbreak? Vaccines and experimental drugs are being developed but there are other measures we should put in place. 

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“It took about nine months from first approaching my GP about constantly feeling suicidal before I began psychotherapy. At that point I was told I would need 2-3 years of therapy. I was also told the NHS would only provide one year. I am now approaching the end of that one year and wondering, given that my suicidal thoughts have not departed for any prolonged period, where that leaves me. I work for a mental health charity and on that salary certainly cannot afford to go private. Could you imagine the outcry if cancer patients were told they needed three rounds of chemo but would only be given one?”
“My mother was referred by her doctor to have psychological therapy in March 2008 after suffering from depression for many years. She received a letter in October 2008 informing her that she was now near the top of the waiting list. She took her own life in November 2008.”

Ebola patient dies at Texas hospital

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola outside Africa since the current outbreak began, has died, the hospital that was treating him in Texas has announced. Full story »


One in four people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. So why don’t we talk about it more?

Over 700 people told the Guardian about their experiences with mental health care in the UK. 

We’ll be posting their stories on this blog. Later, we’ll expand to talk about other issues around mental illness.

Hundreds of you shared your experiences of mental health with us. We’ve published a pick of them here. Follow timetotalkmentalhealth for more 

A dog is not a poor-quality human companion substitute. A dog is a top-quality dog companion

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Although 99% of American women have used birth control, most women don’t know what should be covered by health insurance.

A handy guide.

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