“The best thing about the game is that it has kept us in touch over all these years – it forces us to meet and has formed a strong bond between us, almost like brothers. How many fortysomethings can say they still see nine friends they went to school with? We joke that we’ll still be playing in our retirement homes. I plan to use a wheelchair instead of a Zimmer frame, because it’s faster.”

Parents of Pokémon fans may as well just give all their money to Nintendo now and cut out the middle man, writes Keith Stuart - Nintendo reveals new interactive action figures for latest spin-off

It is 17 years since Lara Croft’s first adventure, Tomb Raider, in which time she has starred in a dozen games, two films, and an incalculable number of adolescent fantasies. Yet her life of plunder and peril begins anew this week with a full franchise reboot, starring Lara as we’ve never seen her before: inexperienced, scared and wearing trousers. Like Bond and Batman before her, she has been born again in darker, grittier detail. And, again like Bond and Batman, she sort of needed to be.

Tom Meltzer writes in g2

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Here are the five proposed new Monopoly tokens - one of which will be replacing the classic boot, hat, wheelbarrow, battleship, iron, car, thimble or beloved Scottie dog. But which old token would you save? And which new token would you introduce to the board? Vote in our poll

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One has to be careful of taking the beauty in Assassin’s Creed 3 for granted. This is a thought that occurred to me about 10 hours in as I piloted the franchise’s newest protagonist through a sun-dappled forest glade en route to completing my latest side mission.

Because Assassin’s Creed 3 is bursting with activities, my attention to detail had shrunken somewhat. I caution against a blinkered approach – stop and take in the view sometime.

From Nick Cowan’s review - full write-up here.

“A new influx of volunteers – fewer in number, but in equal density to the Olympics, so visitors will have no shortage of people relentlessly encouraging them to smile – will start taking up their places. Around 70% will be fresh to these Games, while 30% will have also experienced what Paralympic organisers jokingly refer to as “the warm-up”.”

London 2012: let the Paralympics preparations begin


The games began with piles of whitened bones and horses heads, and skulls of men, nailed to trees, and a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits - with bells on

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

- awesome video by cassetteboy on YouTube

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Why did Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and the rest have to line up to buy a game that they star in? Guardian Games falls for the PR stunt…

Lego Lord of the Rings … a modest but significant evolution

“The inclusion of the attempted rape scene raises some difficult questions. If the scene is playable, what exactly happens should the player fail? If it is not, why show it at all? Lara is already going through a lot – shipwreck, major injury, a friend’s kidnapping, the threat of death – and adding sexual assault to the mix might just be over-egging the pudding.”
— Mary hamilton writes for Comment is free asking, ‘Does Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft really have to be a survivor of a rape attempt?’