Dogs dressed as their owners - in pictures

Do dogs really look like their owners? They do in this project by Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani – he has spliced together portraits of the owners with their four-legged friends in a series called Underdogs

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Photograph: Sebastian Magnani /Rex Features

'Super moon' lights up night sky:

Some of the best images of the ‘super moon’ – an annual event when the moon’s elliptical orbit brings it closer to Earth

Photographs: Ralph Lauer/ Ralph Lauer/ZUMA Press/Corbis, Julio Cortez/AP,  Ken Cedeno/Corbis

Stilton, England: A team called Fromage to the Silver Screen ahead of the at the Stilton Village Festival cheese-rolling competition Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images


The artist Mark Wallinger has created a new work for the London Underground network as part of its 150th birthday celebrations. Labyrinth comprises 270 unique works, one of which will be placed in each station on the London Underground network. The first 10 have been unveiled – take a look

Photograph: Mark Wallinger

A Christmas Carol (1843)
As the ghosts give Scrooge a tour of his past, present and future, they stop by the house of Scrooge’s clerk, Bob Cratchit. Here they find Bob’s wife, two older children and the angelic Tiny Tim, with his crutch and iron frame. Goose is served with mashed potatoes, apple sauce and “hissing hot” gravy. “There never was such a goose,” the narrator tells us, and the bird is stripped to the bone. The only bum note is struck when Bob proposes a toast to Scrooge, “the Founder of the Feast”. Meanwhile, the man himself watches outside, and even he starts to crack a little

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The UK newspapers cover the release of the Hillsborough report. Read Roy Greenslade’s analysis of the front pages, including media reaction to The Sun’s response, on Media Guardian

This is a great gallery from Lily Cole’s  visit to the Ghanaian producers of The Body Shop’s shea butter.

Here Lily helps pound the butter in preparation for packing into 25kg containers before being transported to The Body Shop factory. Photograph: Hazel Thompson for The Body Shop

The saola ‘Asian unicorn’

This antelope-like reclusive species - which actually has two horns but is known as a unicorn for its rarity - lives in remote regions on the border of Vietnam and Laos. Under 100 may now be left in the wild

Agyness Deyn in Hawaii on the set of the silent short film Here. It tells the story of a woman following clues around America in pursuit of a mysterious love who the audience never sees. Photograph: Alessio Bolzoni
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