Royal baby memorabilia is out in force. From booties, blankets, to biscuits – the newest royal hasn’t even been born yet but the souvenir market is already cashing in. Guardian life and style rounds up the best of what’s available (Photos: PR)


Is it possible to make yourself unGoogleable?

Last week’s g2 front page. Here’s the piece in case you missed it

    The cake that looks like a Mondrian painting

    Could these sweets, inspired by great artists, be the perfect thing to round off a stylish dinner party?

    Photograph: Clay McLachlan © 2013

    In the 1970s, a plethora of Christian rockers, schools projects and eccentrics decided to release their own albums. A new book has collected together a selection of their cover designs – see our selection in all its glory 

    Photographs: Sinecure Books 2013/Courtesy Enjoy the Experience

    It is 17 years since Lara Croft’s first adventure, Tomb Raider, in which time she has starred in a dozen games, two films, and an incalculable number of adolescent fantasies. Yet her life of plunder and peril begins anew this week with a full franchise reboot, starring Lara as we’ve never seen her before: inexperienced, scared and wearing trousers. Like Bond and Batman before her, she has been born again in darker, grittier detail. And, again like Bond and Batman, she sort of needed to be.

    Tom Meltzer writes in g2

    Photograph: Rex Features

    Some amazing images of rapper Angel Haze taken by David Levene for the Guardian. Read the full interview in G2 film and music on religion, rape and survival

    London underground celebrates its 150th birthday! We’ve got a g2 special including Stephen Moss on a trip on the central line, the timeline of the underground, and a gallery going the best underground posters including these from 1911, 1927 and 1987 (can you guess which is which?)

    Photographs: London Transport Museum

    How Diplo rolls: on the road with the most influential man in music.

    He’s one of the most influential men in music, spanning underground scenes and chart toppers. And he’s still on a mission in search of the perfect beat

    The contrarian rightwing journalist Peter Hitchens claims the war against drugs is lost because no one actually tried to wage it. But despite his outrageous inconsistencies and high moral judgments, he remains hard to dislike - Decca Aitkenhead interviews for Guardian G2

    Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian