Northern Rock boss Adam Applegarth said 9 August 2007 was “the day the world changed.” As we approach five years on from the week that the world’s money markets froze, we want to hear your stories and experiences of the past five years.

• How was your work or business affected? What did you do to adapt to the circumstances?
• Did the economic gloom make or force you to change career, country or your lifestyle?
• Were you working in the financial sector at the time or during the five years that followed? What has changed?

Help us build a picture of the individual’s experience of the credit crisis.

“There would be no point in promising more and more money without tackling the causes of the crisis," said Merkel. "Amid all the billions in financial assistance and rescue packages, we Germans also need to watch that we don’t run out of steam. After all, our capacities aren’t infinite, and overstretching ourselves wouldn’t help us or the EU as a whole.”