Deanna Walters stayed with her ex-husband for close to nine years, despite his constant abuse. After she left him, he kidnapped her, beat her and nearly killed her. 

In a big picture of domestic violence assaults, Walters is just one of many statistics. One in four women will at some point in their life be beaten or abused by someone in their home. About 4,000 of them die each year, with 75% of them getting killed when they try to leave or after they’ve left the abuser. 

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Photo: Rex Miller/Private Violence

There is a toxic question that surrounds abused women: “why didn’t she just leave him?”

The answer, too often, is that many women that do leave get killed.

“The thing that I did not know that was so revealing to me was that anywhere between 50% and 75% of domestic violence homicides happen at the point of separation or after [the victim] has already left [her abuser],” says Cynthia Hill, director of HBO’s Private Violence.

“When I met Kit Gruelle, she would always point out: ‘Estranged husband. Ex-husband. Ex-boyfriend. Estranged boyfriend.’ It was always that she had tried to leave. She had done exactly what we think they’re supposed to do and she dies. And her children die.”

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Female restaurant workers gathered by New York’s city hall yesterday to deliver a message:

Hands off you waitress. She is not on the menu.  

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Photo: Jana Kasperkevic

“There is a vocal and popular contingent of men who are instantly suspicious of a woman with anything approaching power. Unless she makes a huge show of using that power only for their benefit – and sometimes even if she does – there will be people who are essentially convinced that her power must come from some form of modern witchcraft, and that whatever she’s offering, however much people seem to value it, must be eye of newt in disguise.”
“Jennifer Lawrence’s scathing reaction – angry, offended and unapologetic – is the righteous end to an evolution of celebrity nude ‘scandal’ responses. Where once female stars were expected to hang their head in shame for having the temerity to pose nude for themselves or lovers, now they can issue a barely-shrouded ‘fuck you’ to a public that so gleefully consumed their humiliation.”
— The Jennifer Lawrence naked photo response is the end of the ‘shamed starlet’, writes Jessica Valenti

Sarah Silverman got sick of what she called "the $500,000 vagina tax"… so she went to do something about it.

Hair. Make-up. Clothes.

Tiffany Kirk, a 25-year old single mother living in Houston, Texas, is getting “date-ready”. The whole thing can take close to an hour, yet there is no gentleman caller to pick her up when she is done.

There is no dinner and movie on her agenda. It’s just a 12-hour bar shift.

The date-ready outfit is her nightly uniform of shorts and a tank top – not exactly a typical nine-to-five work outfit.

All the primping is done for the customers; they are her “dates” for the night. They come to the bar for the way she looks and talks, for the ambience as much as for the drinks. Kirk is in no position to argue their preferences – she needs them to keep coming. Tips from such men pay her rent and bills, after all. Her hourly pay of $2.13 is completely eaten up by taxes. Tips are the reason that Kirk and many other women like her put up with sexual harassment in their workplaces. 

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“All I can say Emma, is: fuck them”

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett in a letter to Emma Watson

Feminists are rallying round Emma Watson after 4chan members threatened to leak nude photos in response to her UN speech about gender equality. Read more »

In the last few weeks, almost 200 students – almost all of them female – at Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York have been given detention over dress code violations. 

Something’s very wrong here.