“Headdresses are something that has to be earned. That’s completely lost when it’s this chicken-feather thing that you bought at a costume shop. That deep sacred meaning is eclipsed by the desire to just dress up and play Indian.”

The fashion photography of tomorrow

From eyes made of dim sum to extreme facepainting, the fashion photography of the future is bold, vibrant and often bizarre

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Youssef, 2005. Photograph: Daniel Riera

There’s a 50s influence running through menswear for summer - a cool monochrome colour palette with pastel accents. See more 

Photo: Heather Favell/Guardian

Rude boys: Shanty Town to Savile Row

The rude boy has come a long way from his origins in Jamaican subculture. A new photography exhibition celebrates the movement’s distinctive style. Read more

Above: Sam Lambert, rude boy Photograph: Dean Chalkley

Ryan Gosling’s top five fashion motifs

Ryan Gosling will walk the red carpet on Tuesday when his directorial debut, Lost River, premieres at Cannes. Whatever the critics’ reaction to the film, Gosling is a perennial style winner. Here are his key fashion motifs. See more

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Horst P Horst: the king of fashion photography – in pictures

Straining corsets, daring swimsuits and Marlene Dietrich in full glamour mode … Horst P Horst was one of the 20th century’s master photographers, and this autumn the V&A will celebrate his life and work. See more »

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How Mad Men changed the way men dress

onathan Heaf describes how Don Draper helped a generation of ageing hipsters grow up gracefully, while Lauren Cochrane sums up the style influence of the other principal players, from perfect pyjamas to outlandish prints. Read more

The human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry

How did the clothes you’re wearing get to you? We trace the human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry in video, words and pictures. View the interactive