How Mad Men changed the way men dress

onathan Heaf describes how Don Draper helped a generation of ageing hipsters grow up gracefully, while Lauren Cochrane sums up the style influence of the other principal players, from perfect pyjamas to outlandish prints. Read more

The human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry

How did the clothes you’re wearing get to you? We trace the human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry in video, words and pictures. View the interactive

Coachella fashion: is it actually the 1990s? – in pictures

Check shirts, babydoll slip dresses and chunky heels were the favoured look at Coachella – a likely sartorial indicator of the festival trends for summer 2014. Worryingly, ‘appropriation bindis’ were also a thing. All signs point to there being a wormhole to 1993 somewhere in the Indio desert. See more

Clockwise from top: Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge, Katy Perry with Blood Orange (Dev Hynes), Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi, Wiki, MC Hak and producer Sporting Life of Ratking, Sarah Hyland, Chance the Rapper. Click photos for credits. 

Weekend readers’ best photographs: chic

From suits to wellies, your best pictures on this week’s theme, chic. See more.

The work of Jean Paul Gaultier – in pictures

From the Sidewalk To the Catwalk is a new exhibition at the Barbican in London celebrating the French fashion designer’s flamboyant style. Here are some of the more eye-catching outfits and artworks featured. See more

Captions and credits on the photos. 

Emma Watson criticises ‘dangerously unhealthy’ pressure on young women

Emma Watson has criticised the “dangerously unhealthy” image projected by the fashion industry and said the pressure to look perfect has taken its toll on her.

The actor has also described her doomed attempts to merge into the background as a student at an American university, where she found herself being trailed everywhere by British photographers. Read more

Photograph: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

How to dress for a job interview on a £30 budget

If you don’t have a job, how on Earth can you afford an outfit for a job interview? We gave a fashion editor who is an expert on luxury brands thirty quid to put together an outfit that will impress your future boss. Read more

Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian

Lorde gets her own MAC range

Secondary school. Sometime in the early 1990s. Girls using eyeliner to stencil the edge of their lips, trying to look like TLC or Aaliyah. As makeup experiments go, the teenage years are, more often than not, the time when girls find a look that induces parental eye-rolling and stick to it wholeheartedly, which is one of the things that makes Lorde’s commitment to dark purple lipstick so endearing (and gives the Guardian fashion desk flashbacks to adolescence). Read more

Photograph: Charles Howells/Toast