Helvetica: one font to rule them all

For the past 50 years Helvetica has dominated design. But, now its pioneer Mike Parker has passed away, is the era of this sleek, modernist typeface drawing to a close? Read more

Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA

Edible masterpieces: copies of great artworks you can eat

The Art Fund wants you to make edible copies of masterpieces to raise funds for British museums and galleries. Food styling by Kim Morphew, prop styling by Lydia Brun, photography by Maja Smend. See more

$1m Ai Weiwei vase smashed by protester in Miami art gallery – video

A man is filmed picking up and smashing a vase by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei worth $1m (£600,000). Florida artist Maximo Caminero, 51, was later arrested and admits to breaking the work in protest at the Perez Art Gallery in Miami only showing international art. Caminero now faces up to five years in prison for criminal mischief. Watch

Russian daredevils scale the Shanghai Tower, China’s new tallest building

Pair climb 650 metres to top of skyscraper and beyond, giving them an extraordinary view of fast-growing city. Read more

Photos: Vitaly Raskarov/Caters News Agency.

The incredible hulks: A-Z of brutalism

It was mocked and misunderstood. But it produced some of the most sublime, awe-inspiring buildings on the planet. Jonathan Meades, maker of a new TV series about brutalism, gives his A-Z

Photograph: UIG via Getty Images

Steve Jobs’ lost time capsule found after 30 years

Steve Jobs’ lost time capsule was found in Colorado, 13 years after it was meant to have been dug up, containing a his personal computer mouse from an Apple Lisa.

The time capsule was put in the ground at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983, and contained dozens of other items from the era. Read more

Photograph: Marcin Wichary/flickr

Aerial Perspectives by Alex MacLean – in pictures

Taken from 5,000 feet above the earth in a Cessna aeroplane, Alex MacLean’s photographs document humanity’s footprint on the natural world. See more

Photographs: Alex MacLean

High Lines and park life: why more green isn’t always greener for cities

Transforming old industrial areas into urban woodland may look nice but can be conterproductive in the long run, says Owen Hatherley

Photographs: Arup (top); Andria Patino/Alamy (bottom).

30 things being 3D printed right now (and none of them are guns)

From jet parts to unborn babies, icebergs to crime scenes, dolls to houses (and, um, Keanu Reeves models): how new technology is shaking up making things. Read more

Photograph: 3Ders

Tenants shun Shard – leaving Europe’s first vertical city up in the air

London skyline’s £1.5bn addition remains all but empty year on from opening, with flats designed to pull in super-rich unsold. Read more

Photograph: Greg Fonne/Getty Images