Spot the difference: In what seems to have become an annual summer event, David Cameron yesterday posed for photographs with his wife pointing at fish laid out in a Portuguese fish market.

Cameron takes swipe at ‘consummate politician, not ordinary bloke’ Farage

David Cameron has launched a personal attack on Nigel Farage for pretending to be a “normal bloke down the pub” when he was really a “consummate politician” with big expenses claims and a wife on the public payroll.

After Ukip’s historic victory in the European elections, the prime minister said on Monday he did not accept Farage’s claims of being ordinary and suggested this image was disingenuous. Full story here

David Cameron said: ‘I don’t really accept the “he’s a normal bloke down the pub” thing.’ Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Maria Miller quits as culture secretary in blow to David Cameron

Maria Miller has resigned as culture secretary after telling David Cameron that her continued presence around the cabinet table would act as a distraction to the “vital work” of the government.

Hours before Cameron was expected to face a bumpy session in the House of Commons, Miller released a letter to the prime minister saying she would resign with immediate effect. Full story

Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

Cameron aide arrested over allegations relating to child abuse images

A senior aide to David Cameron resigned from Downing Street last month the day before being arrested on allegations relating to child abuse images.

Patrick Rock, who was involved in drawing up the government’s policy for the large internet firms on online pornography filters, resigned after No 10 was alerted to the allegations. Read more

Pictured: Patrick Rock on his way to 10 Downing Street in January. Photograph: Steve Back / Barcroft Media

David Cameron’s Facebook movie - Labour looks back

Labour reveal a 60-second Facebook spoof video attacking the Prime Minister and the government’s least liked policies. Read more

Screengrab; YouTube

Pupils at Eton - the ultra-posh boarding school attended by David Cameron, among many others - have attempted their own take on Gangnam Style.

Even as “comedy” virals go it’s rather cringe-inducing. Yet an indepth analysis of the new lyrics – for it deserves nothing less – reveals that these over-privileged little herberts are just as needy, insecure and rubbish with the ladies as the rest of us plebs.


In his speech on Tuesday to the Conservative party conference, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, told delegates: ‘The prime minister and I danced Gangnam Style the other day’. So the Guardian decided to put together an animation of what Boris and Dave dancing to the hit song by South Korean rapper Psy might possibly look like


David Cameron: where did it all go wrong?

In 2005, he was the slick and charismatic saviour of the Tory party. Today, his bouts of red-faced anger and loss of authority have got the critics’ knives out