Today in pictures. This friendly bear cub raises a furry paw to wave at surprised animal lovers. The young female grizzly bear made the cute gesture as it braved chilly glacier water to watch her mother catch salmon in Alaska, US. Photograph: Kevin Dietrich/Solent News

Cosy pets. From curled up cats to snoozing dogs, we’d like to see pictures of your pets being cosy, cuddly and snuggly. Submit your photos via GuardianWitness.

1. Kitty for life. Photograph: Shootn/GuardianWitness

2. Yasai. Photograph: ID7266859GuardianWitness

3. BeeBee having a sleepover. Photograph: ID3736714/GuardianWitness

Happy Friday all!

Here are the top pictures from our Let sleeping dogs lie assignment

We asked you to share your pictures of sleeping dogs for this week’s GuardianWitness Top pets assignment. You can submit photographs until 10am on Monday 22 April – here is a selection of the best so far

Photos: GuardianWitness users: Blue Cross/Martin Phelps Caoimhe McReynolds & W Lam

A meerkat in the hand…. Four meerkat pups born at Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Richmond, Tasmania, Australia. Photograph: Sam Rosewarne/Newspix/Rex

A Dormouse appears to be laughing as it sits on top of a yarrow flower. The amusing photograph, taken by Italian photographer Andrea Zampatti, in Italy, shows how the heat had a strange effect on this little critter. Photograph: Andrea Zampatti/HotSpot Media

Here are some great archive pictures from Edinburgh Zoo - which is 100 years old this year. The zoo was established by Edinburgh lawyer Thomas Gillespie. Just check out the baby chimps cuddling their keeper Mr D. Johnstone. The zoo’s history will be celebrated in an exhibition opening to the public on Wednesday. 

Photographs: T.H. Gillespie/Edinburgh Zoo/PA

A two-month-old piglet is being taught to surf by his owner in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Zorro, the crossbreed pig, has been surfing since he was just three weeks old and is described as a ‘phenomenal swimmer’ by his owner Matthew Bell. Bell says he is determined to take Zorro out surfing with him until the piglet grows too big

Twit Twoo… How many owls can you spot? A tiny owlet is almost invisible at first glance as it blends into the feathers of its mother. Even wildlife photographer Marina Scarr only realised she had taken pictures of two owls after she looked at the image on her camera while taking pictures in Desoto Park, Florida. Photograph: Marina Scarr/Caters News Agency

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