A two-month-old piglet is being taught to surf by his owner in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Zorro, the crossbreed pig, has been surfing since he was just three weeks old and is described as a ‘phenomenal swimmer’ by his owner Matthew Bell. Bell says he is determined to take Zorro out surfing with him until the piglet grows too big

Using body parts salvaged from crushed players and with kit details painstakingly hand-painted, each model takes up to two days to create for Terry Lee’s Subbuteo figures. The resulting figures, which depict classic moments from footballing history such as Roger Milla’s corner-flag celebration and Diego Maradona’s ‘hand of God’, are located within original Subbuteo stadiums and, of course, set on the undulating Astroturf that was the bane of every young Subbuteo fan’s life. Check out more of his handiwork here

Listen to Noc the Beluga whale warbling in a human voice, several octaves lower than typical whale calls. The National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego first made the discovery in 1984 when they heard mumbling coming from a tank containing whales and dolphins that sounded like two people chatting far away. The research was published on Monday

Space Science stamps launched by Royal Mail – in pictures

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Britain’s first contribution to space exploration. On 26 April 1962, its first satellite, Ariel 1, was launched by Nasa, carrying experiments designed by British universities and making Britain the world’s third spacefaring nation, after Russia and America. Royal Mail is celebrating with a set of six commemorative stamps, which will go on sale from 16 October, featuring images from European Space Agency missions

Photograph: Royal Mail

Wowsers check out those guns!

Bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail gives his reaction after being awarded the Guinness World Record for his 79cm (31in) biceps. Speaking in London, Egypt-born Ismail, who lives in Massachusetts, says he lifts weights to look better, and eats 3kg (6.6lb) of protein and six meals a day to achieve his unique shape

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a boy refreshes himself with a water machine at Ipanema beach Photograph: Pilar Olivares/Reuters
The US actor Maggie Q swims with a whale shark off Cancun, Mexico, as part of a campaign to publicise the plight of marine animals threatend by the demand for shark fin soup. China has announced a ban on shark fin from all official banquets Photograph: Paul Hilton/AFP/Getty Images

Weekend pictures - Melt

'A much needed ice lolly on a sweltering hot day in Washington DC' Photograph: Vicki Mason

'Citihenge', a recreation of Stonehenge made of cars, is unveiled on London's Southbank by Skoda to launch their Citigo model. The giant sculpture provides Londoners with a meeting point to celebrate the summer solstice. Amazingly they might not need umbrellas, as it's not raining in London

The Queen’s diamond jubilee: celebrate with a taste of the 1950s

As the UK gears up for the jubilee celebrations we’ve found 10 places where you can embrace the style of the 50s, from kitsch caravans to vintage tearooms, retro festivals and a National Trust property frozen in time