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On Saturday 22 December Guardian and Observer writers and editors will be answering the phones from 10am to 6pm to chat and take credit card donations for this year’s Christmas charity appeal.

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Paul doesn’t say much, but comments as they wait for the food bank officials to decide whether they are eligible for a fourth, discretionary package that the sanctions system has been very hard for the family. “It cripples you. If it wasn’t for the food banks, I don’t know how I’d get it, other than steal it. They don’t understand what it’s going to be like when they take your money away from you, when you’ve got kids. It’s impossible.”

"You feel embarrassed coming here," he adds, as a volunteer comes out of the stock room with two plastic bags and a box of food. They say thank you and hurry away, visibly uncomfortable.

— From Food banks: a life on handouts - food banks are springing up across Britain to help struggling families. But is charity really the answer for people being let down by the state?

Isaac Mkalia, a 20-year-old teacher, checks his phone while tending cattle. Masai livestock farmers say rising temperatures are making it harder to find suitable grazing lands, so they are working with Oxfam to irrigate land in order to diversify into growing crops. Photograph: Sven Torfinn/Oxfam


Recognise the style, but not the message? The Daily Stigma has been produced by the mental health charity Mind to highlight how people claiming sickness benefits, particularly those with mental health problems, are being unfairly demonised by parts of the press.