‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Rugrats’ characters as imagined in their 20s by Celeste Pille.



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Sid and Susie especially Sid

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I’m reblogging it to say a couple things. I’m not crazy about someone reposting art of mine that’s already been posted here by me, but I understand they saw the Huffington Post article and wanted to make a tumblr post about it and they did credit me, but that’s the bigger issue here. Instead of linking back to my tumblr (which huffington post linked to) they linked it to my personal facebook page. I was really baffled when I started getting a ton of friend requests from people I don’t know, especially since I keep my facebook circle really small—family and close friends. Again, please don’t reblog this but if you see it on your dash and if it’s not too much of a bother, could you request the person add a link to my tumblr and delete the link to my facebook? Thanks.

Artist Celeste Pille has imagined what the characters from Nickelodeon kids cartoons Rugrats and Hey Arnold! would look like grown up. Apparently, Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett was alerted to Pille’s work by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. Both are fans of her work. See more at her Tumblr (reblogged here) and linked to here: celestedoodles.tumblr.com

Steve Bell on David Cameron’s spin of the unemployment figures.

Cartoon: Steve Bell

Postcards from Mr Bingo: hate mail that’s first class – in pictures

'I get emails every day begging me for hate mail,' says illustrator Mr Bingo, referring to the vintage postcards he embellishes with insults and sends out. ‘People order them for themselves or their loved ones: wives, girlfriends… sometimes even their mum.’ Mr Bingo had the idea when he was ‘feeling a bit naughty’ one evening. He promised an offensive missive to the first person who responded to a tweet and was swamped. Comparing the project to getting picked on by a standup, he says: ‘It’s funny to be insulted. And post is usually dull. Or bad news.’ 

• Now you can hurl abuse at Mr Bingo when he appears at an exhibition of his work at the KK Outlet, London, N1 from 7-29 June.

Photos: Mr Bingo


Steve Bell on the budget … Hic!

Steve Bell’s cartoon on today’s Guardian front page

Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell takes us through some of his work at the time of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and shares his views on the decisions made by George Bush and Tony Blair. He explains how he represents the reality of ‘shock and awe’. Cartoons are often seen as a low art form which is generally humorous, says Bell – but much of his Iraq war work is grisly

Cartoon: Steve Bell

It’s partly the simplicity: there’s this kid who has an “omnitrix” on his wrist that means he can turn himself into 10 different types of alien and save the world. But alongside that, there’s his personality: full of bravado, full of himself, so you get comedy in among the action, too. Know what I thought? I thought: “This is the summer blockbuster that I wanted to see when I was nine but I never did.”

The team behind the hit cartoon Ben 10 on their boy with a magic watch, and drawing crazy-coloured alien life