It’s ‘Be Late For Something Day’. Paramedics are exempt.

And the nominees for best Leonardo DiCaprio are … 

Cartoon by Stephen Collins 

Steve Bell on David Cameron’s spin of the unemployment figures.

Cartoon: Steve Bell

Postcards from Mr Bingo: hate mail that’s first class – in pictures

'I get emails every day begging me for hate mail,' says illustrator Mr Bingo, referring to the vintage postcards he embellishes with insults and sends out. ‘People order them for themselves or their loved ones: wives, girlfriends… sometimes even their mum.’ Mr Bingo had the idea when he was ‘feeling a bit naughty’ one evening. He promised an offensive missive to the first person who responded to a tweet and was swamped. Comparing the project to getting picked on by a standup, he says: ‘It’s funny to be insulted. And post is usually dull. Or bad news.’ 

• Now you can hurl abuse at Mr Bingo when he appears at an exhibition of his work at the KK Outlet, London, N1 from 7-29 June.

Photos: Mr Bingo

May the fourth be with you! Today’s the day Star Wars obsessives look forward to all year:

Cartoon: Modern Toss

Cartoon pope. In this weekend’s magazine


Steve Bell on the budget … Hic!

Steve Bell’s cartoon on today’s Guardian front page