Carl runs an auto disposal service in rural Tennessee, dismantling older cars, selling the individual parts, and turning the rest into scrap metal. Carl’s lot is starting to run out of room. “People are buying cars they shouldn’t be buying.”

Many of the cars are sent to him by repo men: “I do my best business when others are doing their worst. Someone loses a job, I gain a car.”

Many people are buying those cars with they help of Wall Street banks, which are lending money to people with bad credit again – just as they did prior to the financial crisis of 2007. In the last crisis, it was houses.

Could subprime car loans be the next crisis?

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“I accelerated until I was directly in front of the car, then slammed on my brakes. The car smashed into the back of my van and we started to slow down. His was the more powerful engine, and even though I had the handbrake on and my foot on the footbrake, my van was still being pushed down the motorway.”

TV and film detectives’ iconic cars - in pictures

We take a look back at the coolest classic cars to have graced our screens, from Bond’s Aston Martin to Morse’s Jag, and most recently, Saga Norén’s Porsche. See more

Sad news. After 63 years of happy camping, the very last classic VW camper van will roll off the assembly line on 31 December. Share your photographs and videos and tell us what you love about the ‘Hippie van’ via GuardianWitness

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Morning! Over 500 pre-1905 vehicles made their way on the historic 60-mile run from Hyde Park in London to coastal Brighton in southern England, in the world’s longest running motoring celebration, going back 116 years. All vehicles must be driven at an average speed of no more than 20mph - take a look at the wet and windy pics by clicking on the photo

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Drag racer Matt Hagan emerges unscathed after his car explodes in a ball of fire. Debris from the car is scattered across the track, and an angry Hagan picks up a piece of the wreckage and slams it down in frustration. Spectators were stunned to see Hagan walk away from Sunday’s accident in Charlotte, North Carolina

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The Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe - the oldest surviving unrestored mini to go to auction. How old is it and how much is it expected to fetch?

The real Mad Men:

To mark the fifth series of the adland drama, we look back at leading campaigns of the 50s and 60s. Andrew Cracknell, author of The Real Mad Men: The Remarkable True Story of Madison Avenue’s Golden Age

VW - Lemon Photograph: Elwin Street Productions © 2011 The Real Mad Men
You never admitted to any faults either – but the new candour charmed the public and sold better than any amount of hype