Thrasher Mitchell: Sire, there are reports circulating that I called a policeman a “fucking pleb”.

Cameron: What of it? He probably was a pleb. Most policemen are.

From Raisa-gate to Hunt-gate and, er, pleb-gate, John Crace takes a condensed look at the year in Westminster.

Photograph: Scott Garrett/Heart

“Gay marriage is all about love. The love of same-sex couples is just as real, strong and committed as that of married heterosexual men and women. Prohibiting same-sex marriage devalues and denigrates the love of lesbian and gay partners. It signifies our continuing second class legal status; to have separate laws for gay and straight people is a form of sexual apartheid.

Public support for gay marriage is double the support secured by the Tories in last week’s local elections. If Cameron wants to win back lost votes, he should fast-track legislation for equal marriage rights.”

As Obama joins a global trend towards gay marriage, the UK should too -

President Barack Obama formally welcomed the British prime minister and his wife to the US yesterday with full military honours, including a 19-gun salute, followed by a celebrity-studded dinner
Chip Somodevilla

Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron attend mini-Olympics

US first lady Michelle Obama and the prime minister’s wife Samantha Cameron attend a mini-Olympics event for children at American University’s Bender Arena in Washington

“Give them a playground, let them make mistakes, and give them time: they’ll generate glorious failures and unprecedented moneyspinners. British ones. Which Cameron can proudly display on his shelf. If there’s room between Armageddon and his 26 copies of The King’s Speech.”
— Charlie Brooker on Cameron’s advice for saving the British film industry

'Dave' is striking - are you?

Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Radiographers from the Royal Liverpool Hospital stand on the picket line with a skeleton they have named ‘Dave’.

Full gallery of pictures from public sector strike over pensions here - and live blog of the day of action can be found here.

Political figures’ favourite works from the Government Art Collection

Photograph: Government Art Collection

Photograph: Government Art Collection

Nick Clegg and Samantha Cameron are among the political figures who are guest curating a new exhibition of works from the Government Art Collection. But what do their choices reveal about them? Art critic Jonathan Jones analyses their selections