Dutch artist Ruud van Empel’s digital collages of children in tropical surroundings are eerily beautiful and decidedly unreal

Read morePhotograph: Courtesy: Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam 

There are many ways of wearing the hijab, as photographer Sara Shamsavari’s pictures of Muslim women on the streets of London demonstrate. Her photographs are being exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall for International Women’s Day as part of the Women of the World festival

Big picture: Starlings, by Paolo Patrizi

Each week, the Guardian Weekend magazine’s editorial team choose a picture, or set of pictures, that particularly tickle their fancy. This week, their choice is Paolo Patrizi’s photographs of starlings

Photograph: Paolo Patrizi

Moscow, Russia Photograph: Yuri Kochetkov/EPA

Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

Belstone, Dartmoor Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

Day 1 This story is questionable from the start, one of those that sounds great but… I wish the subject [legendary swimmer Zé Peixe] was more co-operative, but then that’s the challenge. Maybe I am resenting his ways because it’s not an important political or social story, so what’s the problem with just making it easy?

Day 2My comments from yesterday seem arrogant. Today was humbling and difficult. For a moment I was ready to pack it in. We have a final opportunity for tomorrow. This means the weather must co-operate, and Zé Peixe must co-operate, and all else must go smoothly and safely.

Day 3Another humbling day. Trying again to take underwater pictures of Zé Peixe, I couldn’t manage breathing comfortably enough to swim, to catch up to him, to take any pictures! I struggled just to get back to the boat. It was a relief to get that out of the way. I can now relax. I feel we have a good story. We’ll see.

Incredible insight into the highs and lows of being a documentary photographer in these intimate notes to his wife

A boy cools off with water from a hose on a hot day. Manila, Philippines


Share your art: readers’ spring pictures

Spring has arrived!

Each month we suggest a topic and invite readers to share their own creations on that subject. Here is a small selection of some of our favourite reader artworks inspired by spring. Have a flick through

So pretty! Love the butterfly one too…


On march 7, Dutch astronaut André Kupiers took this picture from the ISS, showing the 50 kilometers wide rock formation called Eye of Africa. The structure sits in Mauritania, at the Sahara desert, and can only be seen from space.

Source: NASA, ESA.

So perdy…

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