An ashcloud has grounded flights between Australia and south-east Asia, and all domestic flights from Darwin airport in the north of the country.

The cloud, which was caused by the eruption of Sangeang Api in southern Indonesia on Friday evening, has drifted across central Australia, according to Reuters. Full story here

Photo: Sofyan Efend / HKV / Barcroft

The missing Malaysia Airlines plane is not in the Indian Ocean search zone where underwater “pings” were detected, the Australian search authorities have announced. Full story here 

Photo: Australian Defence Department/EPA

A vivid concept: Sydney Opera House lights up as part of VIVID Sydney, an annual celebration of music, light and ideas throughout the city. Photograph: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

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Flight MH370: search resumes amid fears black box battery has died

The search for a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner resumed on Saturday, five weeks after the plane disappeared from radar screens, amid fears that batteries powering signals from the black box recorder on board may have died.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said signals picked up during the search in the remote southern Indian Ocean, believed to be “pings” from the black box recorders, were “rapidly fading”. Full story 

Pictured: A crew member of a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orion plane scours the Indian ocean on Friday. Photograph: Pool/Getty Images

Flight MH370: search teams racing against the clock to find black box

Search teams are racing against the clock to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as the window for finding one of the black boxes with an active power source gets progressively smaller.

Australia’s defence minister, David Johnston, said on Tuesday that a spell of “reasonable” weather in the Indian Ocean search area meant the sea and air search teams would be stepping up their efforts in the next few days.

On Monday the Australian vessel Ocean Shield detected two separate pulses in the Indian ocean search area consistent with signals emitted by a black box. Full story 

Pictured: David Johnston, right, and Angus Houston address the media in Perth on Tuesday. Photograph: Paul Kane/Getty Images

MH370: new satellite images show 122 objects in Indian Ocean

• Potential debris field spotted by French satellite 
• Australian PM cautions against hope of breakthrough
• Chinese ships join resumed search operation
• Thunderstorms and poor visibility forecast for search area
• Malaysia Airlines served with first lawsuit over MH370

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A memorial cross for MH370 Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

MH370: Australian ship trying to recover ‘objects’

• An Australian ship is trying to retrieve two objects spotted by search aircraft in the Southern Indian Ocean. HMAS Success, the only ship in the area, could retrieve the objects in the next few hours, or by tomorrow at the latest.

• The objects, one grey/green and circular, the other orange and rectangle, are separate from white rectangular objects detected by a Chinese search plane. It is not yet confirmed whether the objects were connected to MH370.

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