Painter Darren Udaiyan meant to poke fun at art dealer Charles Saatchi in a painting of him throttling Nigella Lawson. But this tasteless depiction of a grisly assault has badly backfired, writes Jonathan Jones

Above: Saatchi & Saatchi, by Darren Udaiyan: intended to symbolise Saatchi’s stranglehold on the art world. Photo: Darren Udaiyan/Saatchi

Inside the Soviet Union’s secret pornography collection

It was the kinkiest secret in the Soviet Union: across from the Kremlin, the country’s main library held a pornographic treasure trove.

Founded by the Bolsheviks as a repository for aristocrats’ erotica, the collection eventually grew to house 12,000 items from around the world. Read more

Photo: Joy Neumeyer/Moscow Times

Emma Hack, a body illustrator, is famed for her work on Gotye’s hit music video last year is bringing her latest collection of work to life in front of an audience at the Blossom exhibition at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

See more from the collection here

Photo: Emma Hack / Barcroft Media

Weekend readers’ best photographs: vibrant

Linda Wride: The vibrant colours of a painted donkey sculpture stand out against the whitewashed walls and blue skies of Santorini

On World Refugee Day, NGO Acted shares photographs from an art project that aims to give Syrian children back their childhoods and help them to develop a connection with their new home. More photos here

Photos: AptART

Why is digital art still a sideshow? As a groundbreaking new exhibition opens, we look at pioneering works from the first arcade games to films made fully in CGI – and argue that it’s high time we took it seriously. Read more

Above: Amon Tobin, ISAM, 2011. Photo: Calder Wilson

The guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed that he is the creator of an artwork showing trenchcoat-wearing, sunglass-sporting spies close to the surveillance agency GCHQ.

It was suspected that the work was by Banksy, but the artist has confirmed it on the Q&A section of his website. Asked: “Did you paint the spies in Cheltenham?” He replied: “Yes.” Full story here

Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The Pont des Arts, a bridge in Paris famous for its “love locks”, had to be closed after part of it collapsed under the weight of the locks attached to it. Read more

Photo: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

Doel, an eerie Belgian village, is largely abandoned, with only 25 remaining residents – and it has become a playground for street artists. See more photos

Photo: Randi Sokoloff for the Guardian. Artist unknown. 

The city is fast becoming China’s city of clones. Boasting 56 famous replica bridges as well as Venetian- and Dutch-style villages, the Chinese city of Suzhou is the home of ‘duplitecture’. But what’s driving this passion for urban mimicry?

Photo: Michael Silk