On World Refugee Day, NGO Acted shares photographs from an art project that aims to give Syrian children back their childhoods and help them to develop a connection with their new home. More photos here

Photos: AptART

Why is digital art still a sideshow? As a groundbreaking new exhibition opens, we look at pioneering works from the first arcade games to films made fully in CGI – and argue that it’s high time we took it seriously. Read more

Above: Amon Tobin, ISAM, 2011. Photo: Calder Wilson

The guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed that he is the creator of an artwork showing trenchcoat-wearing, sunglass-sporting spies close to the surveillance agency GCHQ.

It was suspected that the work was by Banksy, but the artist has confirmed it on the Q&A section of his website. Asked: “Did you paint the spies in Cheltenham?” He replied: “Yes.” Full story here

Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The Pont des Arts, a bridge in Paris famous for its “love locks”, had to be closed after part of it collapsed under the weight of the locks attached to it. Read more

Photo: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

Doel, an eerie Belgian village, is largely abandoned, with only 25 remaining residents – and it has become a playground for street artists. See more photos

Photo: Randi Sokoloff for the Guardian. Artist unknown. 

The city is fast becoming China’s city of clones. Boasting 56 famous replica bridges as well as Venetian- and Dutch-style villages, the Chinese city of Suzhou is the home of ‘duplitecture’. But what’s driving this passion for urban mimicry?

Photo: Michael Silk

David LaChapelle on his best shot:

The photograph, called The Rape of Africa, is a critique of consumerism, of a global society fuelled by greed and power.

Photo: David LaChapelle

The top 10 backs in art

A visitor looks at Le Violon d’Ingres by Man Ray (1924). Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA/Corbis

In the bleak blocks and grim lives of St Petersburg’s suburbs, a young generation of Russian photographers has found inspiration. See more photos

Photograph: Alexey Bogolepov

“All great artists draw from the same resource: the human heart, which tells us that we are all more alike than we are unalike.”