Archie Andrews, the redheaded American teenager in the Archie comic book series, will die taking a bullet protecting his gay friend in the issue that comes out on Wednesday. Full story here

Archie Comics publisher and co-chief executive officer Jon Goldwater said:

"It’s really not sad. Actually it’s inspirational, because Archie does what you would want Archie to do. He takes the bullet for his friend, and he would do that for anybody."

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This portrait was removed from a major gallery after it was deemed ‘pornographic’. Why does women’s pubic hair cause such outrage? asks Rowan Pelling

It seems retrogressive, bordering on insane, that any corner of the art crowd should view a lush lady-garden as offensive at a time when celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow talk about sporting a 70s vibe, while the writer Caitlin Moran writes about “finger-combing” her “Wookiee”. Read more

Portrait of Ms Ruby May, Standing by Leena McCall.

Body paint artist Emma Fay transforms models into stunningly realistic animals. Here, we look at how she did it

Photos: Emma Fay/Barcroft Media

The 17th annual world bodypainting festival has taken place in Pörtschach, Austria. Thousands of visitors arrived to observe the bodypainting work of artists from 47 different countries on the theme of Pop Art.

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Wonder Woman’s feminism matters. So why would the comic industry reject it? 

If feminism can be re-packaged to sell Sheryl Sandberg’s neoliberalism, feminism can remain one of Wonder Woman’s heroic traits – and a fight for what is just and fair and right. 

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A painted face at a traditional wedding ceremony for Bosnian women from Zhupa at the Ethnological Museum in Pristina. Traditionally, older ladies prepare young brides, painting their faces in many layers of colours. (Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty Images)

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Painter Darren Udaiyan meant to poke fun at art dealer Charles Saatchi in a painting of him throttling Nigella Lawson. But this tasteless depiction of a grisly assault has badly backfired, writes Jonathan Jones

Above: Saatchi & Saatchi, by Darren Udaiyan: intended to symbolise Saatchi’s stranglehold on the art world. Photo: Darren Udaiyan/Saatchi

Inside the Soviet Union’s secret pornography collection

It was the kinkiest secret in the Soviet Union: across from the Kremlin, the country’s main library held a pornographic treasure trove.

Founded by the Bolsheviks as a repository for aristocrats’ erotica, the collection eventually grew to house 12,000 items from around the world. Read more

Photo: Joy Neumeyer/Moscow Times