Disney is exploring how it could use drones to suspend and control its characters in the air. 

A patent application shows how traditional displays could be swapped for drone light displays and animated puppets. 

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s an enormous Mickey

Photo: USPTO

Frozen-mania: how Elsa, Anna and Olaf conquered the world

Disney’s Frozen is the biggest animation hit of all time. Critics were iffy on its release, but the icy tale of devoted sisters and its showstopping songs have won over children around the world. Why can’t they let it go? Read more »

Photograph: Disney/Allstar Picture Library

Disney’s Pixar announces plans for The Incredibles sequel

Disney-owned animation studio Pixar is to produce a sequel to the Oscar-winning animation The Incredibles, more than a decade after Brad Bird’s hugely popular tale of a family of retired superheroes first hit cinemas. Read more

Photograph: Sportsphoto/Allstar/Disney/Pixar

Bob Godfrey, who has died aged 91, was the godfather of British animation, celebrated for short films including the initially banned Kama Sutra Rides Again (1972) and the Oscar-winning Great (1975) as well as his children’s TV series Roobarb (1974), narrated by Richard Briers, and the Bafta-winning Henry’s Cat (1982-93), narrated by Bob.

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It’s partly the simplicity: there’s this kid who has an “omnitrix” on his wrist that means he can turn himself into 10 different types of alien and save the world. But alongside that, there’s his personality: full of bravado, full of himself, so you get comedy in among the action, too. Know what I thought? I thought: “This is the summer blockbuster that I wanted to see when I was nine but I never did.”

The team behind the hit cartoon Ben 10 on their boy with a magic watch, and drawing crazy-coloured alien life

If there’s one thing you watch today - make it this incredibly moving animation

As part of Amnesty International’s 2012 death penalty campaign the Guardian and animators from Sherbet tell the extraordinary story of Mohammad Mostafaei, a lawyer who has saved 20 of the 40 juveniles he has defended from execution in Iran. Actor Paul Bettany speaks the lawyer’s words

Take a trip down memory lane – the BBC was able to enhance the picture in these old children’s animations after reels of 50-year-old footage were found in its creator’s attic. Film of Gordon Murray’s other creations Camberwick Green and Chigley was also found. Now all 39 episodes of the three series have been re-mastered