Body paint artist Emma Fay transforms models into stunningly realistic animals. Here, we look at how she did it

Photos: Emma Fay/Barcroft Media

Weekend readers’ best photographs: vibrant

Linda Wride: The vibrant colours of a painted donkey sculpture stand out against the whitewashed walls and blue skies of Santorini

20 best photos of the week: A white peacock opens its plumage at the Nogeyama zoo in Tokyo, Japan (Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP). See more 

Photos of the day: Sulo Karjalainen, known to many as the “bearman” is affectionately licked by one of his bears, in Kuusamo, Finland. The 73-year-old runs Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre with his brother Jalo, which has been home to more than 20 orphaned brown bears. Photograph: Pasi Jantti/Barcroft Media

South Dakota artist John Lopez welds giant outsized beasts from scrap he salvaged from abandoned farm machinery. See more sculptures 

Next month, scientists will meet to mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the La Madeleine mammoth – an engraving on ivory that proves man had lived alongside these prehistoric creatures. More of this story

Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

Top 10 new species of the past year – in pictures

The skeleton shrimp, Liropus minusculus, is the smallest in the genus. It was identified from among specimens collected from a cave on the island of Santa Catalina, off the coast of Southern California. Photograph: SINC and JM Guerra-Garcia/PA

Jamaica’s rare wildlife – in pictures

The Portland Bight protected area is home to the iconic Jamaican iguana and 20 other endangered species. It’s fragile coastal ecosystem and wildlife faces the risk of being lost forever as Jamaica approves a Chinese company to build a port. See more photos

Photograph: Robin Moore