Heartbleed: Hundreds of thousands of servers at risk from catastrophic bug

Hundreds of thousands of web and email servers worldwide have a software flaw that lets attackers steal the cryptographic keys used to secure online commerce and web connections, experts say.

They could also leak personal information to hackers when people carry out searches or log into email.

The bug, called “Heartbleed”, affects web servers running a package called OpenSSL.

Among the systems confirmed to be affected are Imgur, OKCupid, Eventbrite, and the FBI’s website, all of which run affected versions of OpenSSL. Full story

Tumblr posted the following on its Staff blog

We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

English to English: ‘translating’ a cultural divide

Since its launch last May, the Guardian’s English to English Tumblr project has explored hundreds of topics that cause great confusion (or, at the very least, a bit of head-scratching) to people reading from different locations around the globe. 

Read more about its cross-cultural translations and check out english2english

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David Karp, 27, Tumblr, founder and CEO 
Worth: $300m 
Dropped out of: Bronx Science high school 
Instead: Started a software consulting company. Karp started work on a microblogging platform, and launched Tumblr in 2007.

Photograph: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

David Dinsmore, the paper’s new editor, has ditched the speech bubble that gave them a voice. While artist Katie Horwich has given them something back: clothes

Photos: Katie Horwich

Online titans who see a rosy future… in our love for nostalgia

Facebook snapped up Instagram; now Yahoo has spent a billion on Tumblr. Is there payback in youth’s appetite for nostalgic sharing or have these corporate giants run out of ideas? 

Photograph: Getty, Sarah Lee

Gif passnotes:

Name: Gif.

Age: 26.

Appearance: A cat falling into a toilet, for ever.

Why are we talking about Gifs? Is one trending on Twitter? Is it a girl bouncing on a trampoline without a bra again? Nope, it’s the inventor of the Gif, Steven Wilhite.

Steven Wilhite has been bouncing on a trampoline without a bra? Get your mind out of the gutter. He has been voicing his concern that we have all been mispronouncing the word “Gif” for the past two decades.

Have we? You mean people exist in this world who say the word “Gif” out loud? Yes. And they’ve been using a hard G when they’ve done it, like “gosh” or “gorilla” or “git”.

And presumably it’s supposed to have a soft G? That’s right, like “Germany” or “gin” or “Gee, does any of this even matter?”

Does it even matter? Apparently it does. Wilhite picked up a lifetime achievement Webby for his invention this week and took the opportunity to conclusively state that “It is a soft ‘G’, pronounced ‘jif’. End of story.”

Well, that’s us told. What does Gif stand for, anyway? Graphics Interchange Format.

But “graphics” starts with a hard G. Shouldn’t Gif start with a hard G too? Stop it, you’re only complicating things.



Being disabled, my biggest fear is the letter will contain a referral to Atos again. Despite having severe mobility problems, amongst other things, I spent the whole of last year appealing the decision on my employment and support allowance (ESA) which when all the way to tribunal despite the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) own paperwork stating that I was “unlikely to work in the longer term”. In fact, on the morning of the tribunal they telephoned me and, with no small amount of incredulity in his voice, told me that I did not have to attend and that my appeal was successful and I was placed in the support group.

Another great post on our benefits diaries Tumblr sharing the realities of the government’s welfare reforms - this one on the dread of what could be in the post, by crazybladeuk

Gif guff? Or respect to the ‘jif’?

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