Mark Duggan lawfully killed, jury finds - full coverage 

  • An inquest jury has found by eight to two that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed. 
  • But the jury also found by the same margin that when Duggan received the fatal shot, he was not armed. 
  • Duggan’s killing by police sparked the worst riots in living memory across England in 2011. Click here for full coverage.

Photograph: Rex Features

Photographs of the year 2011

This is absolutely my favourite shot. I saw on TV that Reeves corner in Croydon was on fire and decided to go and have a look. There was a small crowd of people in their pyjamas, from the flats which were on fire. A Romanian man pushed through the crowd to the police, shouting that there was a woman still in the building. The next minute I saw two little feet on the window ledge of the second floor. After a few seconds she just fell. The police and crowd below didn’t really catch her, it was more like they broke her fall. She was crying and ran off really quickly Photograph: WENN/Amy Weston

QOTD: Behind the London riots

Behind a low gate inside the Pembury complex, around eight 20-something men were sitting in a huddle in a children’s play area around 3pm, some sitting on a low wall, one or two perched on swings or rocking toys, talking earnestly and quietly among themselves. Most had their hoods up, one was wearing a scarf wrapped around his head, concealing his face. They stopped talking abruptly, and two got up immediately to leave, when approached by the Guardian. “Nah,” said one, barely glancing up. “We don’t want to talk.”

From London riots: ‘A generation who don’t respect their parents or police’

Pic of the day: Riots Cleanup

Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

Residents of Clapham Junction, south London, gather outside looted shops to help clean up the streets following appeals on social networking sites.

More images from the UK riots.

Woman jumps from burning building during third day of London riots

Photograph: WENN


A woman jumps from a burning building in Croydon as violence spreads across the capital. Rioters set fire to buildings and vehicles, and police battled to control the streets. More images from London and around the UK in our gallery on

Violence on the streets of London

Video: Jason N Parkinson

Watch exclusive footage from the riots overnight in north London, UK, which shows the police trying to contain the mayhem on Tottenham High Road.

We’ll be covering the aftermath and developments following the riots on our live blog where you can share accounts of what happened and leave your comments.