Red carpet revolution! Savvy female celebs are fighting back

Awards season is upon us, but Emma Thompson and Jennifer Lawrence are done with inane questions and lecherous cameras, says Hadley Freeman

Photograph: Angela Weiss/FilmMagic

Jennifer Lawrence: everything you need to know – infographic

Her film debut was the 2008 film The Burning Plain, she was nominated for several awards for Winter’s Bone and won an Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook

Photograph: Murray Close

Thinking of seeing The Hunger Games?

If sport is violence by other means, then reality TV is cruelty, envy, spite and group hate … by exactly the same means. The Hunger Games is an exciting dystopian fantasy-thriller on this theme, taking place in a world of circuses but no bread. It is directed by Gary Ross, and based on the 2008 young-adult bestseller by Suzanne Collins, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ross.

See how many stars we gave it and watch a trailer.