Britain entering first world war was ‘biggest error in modern history’

Historian Niall Ferguson says Britain could have lived with German victory and should have stayed out of war. Read more

Berlin, Germany, 15 August 1961: An elderly woman tries to escape through her window to reach the street underneath, which is part of West Berlin. Some men try to pull her back into the house. The house was located right at the sector border in the eastern part of Berlin. From our series Pictures from the Past

Photographer: DPA/Corbis

Oberstdorf, Germany: a mountain stream runs through a snowy winter landscape Photograph: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/EPA

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Munich, Germany: A man walks through the Hacker Pschorr tent during preparations for the 179th Oktoberfest beer festival

Photograph: Matthias Schrader/AP

Source: YouTube/lettertoasmaalassad

The wives of the British and German ambassadors to the United Nations have produced a video urging Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s wife Asma to demand that her husband stop the violence in their country.

Warning - this video contains graphic images

Unbearably sad. This German bunny was accidentally stepped on and killed by a television cameraman just before a small zoo in Saxony was to have presented it to the world at a press conference.