On the seventh birthday of the earliest version of Twitter we’ve been taking a look at our coverage of the platform as it started to emerge. The earliest article we can find which mentions Twitter is on a Comment is Free piece on 28 November 2006 by  where he writes amusingly:

For the ultimate in solipsism, check out twitter.com, a site where you can answer the question, “What are you doing?” At 7:47 am on Monday, for example, Lynda was going to get a glass of cold water. This raises more questions. Did she get it? Was it cold enough? Tragically, we won’t know until someone starts a site about what you were doing before what you’re doing now. Or a site about what you are going to do after you finish what you’re doing now. There could be multiple options. People could vote. Someone call Google. We’re rich! 

Then there’s the Bobbie Johnson piece pictured above comparing Twitter to MySpace written on 16 March 2007 and this piece Bobbie wrote just the day before on 15 March 2007 has another smirk-inducing quote:

The rapid-fire model may be superseded when internet access become ubiquitous, but right now Twitterers have found that a quick text message does the trick for them. It’s even been the medium of choice for some breaking news announcements.

If only we had known back then what we do now…