Back in 2008, Barack Obama fans were more than happy to get their craft on to elect the US’s first black president. This time around, they’ve not been so eager to crack out their needles. But their lethargy is nothing compared to the poor showing by the GOP’s craft contingent. There are no blogs or Flickr groups dedicated to getting Mitt Romney to the White House, and on the handmade marketplace Etsy there is twice the amount of homemade gear with Obama’s face, logo or slogans splashed across it.

What does this all mean for Tuesday’s polls? Who knows (I’m not sure the incidence of craft is exactly a reliable indicator of political outcomes)? But let’s not allow that to stop us celebrating the fact that there is some cracking craft out there related to this election

Kudos to Jeanette for making this intricate Hope quilt (if you’ve not patchworked before, you won’t have a clue how difficult it is to do something like this. I promise). See more amazing Obama quilts at the American Quilt AlliancePhotograph: Jeanette Thompson